“Rookie Blue” recap (5.8): Act As If


Previously on Rookie Blue, Oliver got promoted to Staff Sergeant and Gail tried to apologize to Holly for walking out and then ignoring her calls when she was mad instead of talking things out but Holly said she already moved on and said, “Goodnight, Gail”, which somehow sounded like the saddest two words in the history of ever.

We begin with Andy and Sam on a date, and I have a confession: The first 32 times McSwarek happened, I wasn’t into it. Sam was grumpy and rude and too stand-offish for my precious Andy, and I wanted better for her. But Sam has grown in a way I never thought he would and this scene proves it. Andy is trying her best to be angry and Sam is just smiling and sassing her. He’s not scolding her, he’s not belittling her, he’s just letting her work herself up, and kissing her when she decides she’s going to smile until she feels like smiling. It’s a new mantra she’s trying, “Act as if.”

RB 508-1Just look at yourself, Andy, that’ll make you smile.

Also attempting change is Diaz, who is at an AA meeting, where he calls himself Dave. He blames the stress of his job and the loss of custody if his not-son on his feeling lost. He also says he’s not an addict, which proves he’s not really on the right path just yet. The first step really is admitting you have a problem, not agreeing to go to a meeting because your roommate forced you to. After the meeting, Diaz says he had a great time, but Dov can tell he’s not taking this as seriously as he should.

At 15 Division, Nick, who has been hanging out and being nice in the background lately, but who I miss a little, asks Steve BroPeck if he can be part of a raid they’re planning. BroPeck tells him not only can he be part of it, but he can lead it! I hope this means Nick is going to get to do some fun stuff coming up, because he could use a little love in the storyline department.

Nick’s joy is interrupted by Nash getting an email saying her baby daddy wants to get their son Leo five nights a week, and if she tries to fight it, he’s going to try to get sole custody. They want that kid on Orphan Black full time.

Oliver starts his work day off with a meeting from the commissioner, who tells him where to put his team, and forces him to pull the raid, saying they need all hands on deck in Swansea, though Oliver disagrees. The commissioner leaves without even giving him a good reason to give BroPeck for calling off the raid, and Oliver declares war against Wednesday.

Oliver calls everyone to a meeting and tells them about their Swansea assignment, and Andy strolls in late and makes a snide remark about hipsters, causing Gail to look at her almost like she’s kind of amused.

RB 508-2Do people ship McPeck? I could ship McPeck.

Oliver tells her that she can be mouthy or late, not both. And while he’s on the subject, they all need to show him more respect. He’s been their friend, but now he’s their boss, and he can’t be both. Not as long as he wears the white shirt. I’m really starting to hate that white shirt.

Gail and Andy are paired up today, and in the squad car, Andy makes a joke about Oliver, which makes Gail laugh, the most magical sound of them all. Andy looks at Gail like she’s lost her mind and Gail says that Andy said something bad about someone else, meaning they finally have something in common. Gail throws in a snide remark about how they share Nick before asking Andy if she lost her Supernice Sash and feigns sadness for her because it was surely Andy’s favorite sash! Andy tries to shut her up but is also laughing and my oh my how far these two have come.

A call comes in and Andy grumps about it, so Gail tells her to just ignore it. Gail then watches with a mischievous twinkle in her eye as Andy fights against her attempt at No More Miss Nice McNally and finally caves and picks up the call.

RB 508-3Actually I think they’re my brotp.

Diaz and Dov get to a call where there’s an abandoned car outside a house with the door open. They go in to find the place trashed and call out to see if anyone’s still there. They hear some banging and yelling and find a man trapped in his music studio, saying someone locked him in. He says he lives here with his wife and stepson, that he and his wife were going on vacation and he just came back for his passport. They find the stepson upstairs with a bag over his head, tied to a chair. After some gentle questioning, he reveals that he hates his stepdad, skipped school, and that he had locked the doors behind him because his mom is super paranoid like that. He claims he was attacked from behind and didn’t see anything.

The stepdad gives a list of the things that appear to be missing and says he’s a musician, so Gail warns him not to quote song lyrics at him or she will shoot him.

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