“The Bridge” recap (2.5): Eye of the Deep


Marco son’s murderer, David Tate, gingerly mops the floor at his high security prison. When two inmates approach him, he does his best to ignore them. What he can’t ignore, however, is when one takes a big bite out of his cheek before the guards can pull them apart. Tate is bleeding so a female guard handcuffs him and leads him to the infirmary—or so she says. As they walk alone down a corridor, she hisses that he “probably shouldn’t have killed that kid.” He shoots her a confused look just as she stuns him with her taser. Another hulking inmate meets up with her in the hallway and they kiss. She tells him to proceed with the plan, which involves punching her in the face to look like a struggle. (Squeamish readers, now would be the time to stop reading until the next paragraph, OK.) The inmate then drops down to Tate, pulls out a spoon and proceeds to use it to carve out Tate’s eye, like his head is made of cantaloupe. Tate screams in agony.

One of Galvan’s men drives through an Army checkpoint, with a hooded man in his backseat. He gets through easily and the man reveals himself to be Marco. Marco is dropped off at a ruin of sorts, where Galvan awaits. Galvan is not pleased that Marco and Sonya went to see Sebastian Cerisola. Galvan instructs Marco to make sure that Sonya stops looking for Eleanor or else. It turns out the place where they are, is a glass encased tomb for Galvan’s eldest son. “The pain of outliving a son never leaves you. It never lessens,” Galvan tells Marco. Marco is all too well aware of this fact. Galvan pulls a cloth off of a jar on the tomb to reveal a human head. It’s that of the man who killed his son. (Looks away again) Galvan cut off the man’s eyelids so he had to watch his own torturous death. He walks over to Marco with Tate’s prison ID bracelet, and asks if Marco still wants Tate dead. Marco simply responds, “When?”


Sonya is doing that thing where she submerges herself in the bathtub. This time when she comes up for air, she sees Jim Dobbs, sitting there, watching her. She shakes off the image and climbs out of the tub. Still in Sonya’s bed is Jack, and Sonya is all smiles at the sight of him. He wants to talk about he choking thing, but Sonya shrugs him off, saying she just felt like it. She asks him about Jim’s funeral (there wasn’t going to be one) but Jack agrees to do something if only for Sonya’s sake. He stays to take a shower and she kisses him before heading out the door for work. Uh oh, someone has the feels.

In the DEA office, the strange man who hired the hitman to kill Raul Quintanna, is making himself some tea. His name is Alex Buckley and he’s CIA. They all engage in a little pissing contest about who gets to be involved in what case. Buckley is concerned about money laundering, but McKenzie wants justice for his fallen agent. Buckley, being the spy guy that he is, reveals that McKenzie’s partner Agent Rivas was sleeping with the dead agent’s wife. Rivas guiltily admits it. McKenzie asks Buckley what he wants in exchange for his silence, and Buckley tells him to stay clear of CLIO and Cerisola. If McKenzie doesn’t comply, he’s getting shipped off to Sierra Leone.


Back at Sonya’s, Jack stares at the near shrine that Sonya has set up in memory of her sister. He goes over to his bag and pulls out some of the pictures that Jim drew, and places them next to each other. He breathes heavily, like a man who knows something he isn’t sharing.

Pintado shows up at the El Paso police department to take Eva’s deposition, but Marco has not arrived. Sonya calls Marco, leaving him a message about Eva, before rushing after Wade and Pintado. The three of them show up at Reverend Bob’s ranch, where they are still holding the dirty cop. He screams in vain when he sees their truck pull up.

Pintado and Sonya implore Eva to sign the affidavit and testify against the men who attacked her. Linder pipes up, worried about Eva’s safety, and Pintado assures them that he will order her protection. No longer wanting to feel helpless or have any other women go through what she’s been through, Eva agrees to help. Pintado shows her pictures of Juarez cops and she picks out the one who is currently in tied up in the barn, and Capitan Robles. Sonya calls Marco again, but to no avail.


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