“Chasing Life” recap (1.9): Future Tense


Previously on Chasing Life, Greer went with Brenna to meet her terrible sister in Miami, Brenna told Beth and Kieran she wasn’t into labels, whether it be to her sexuality or to her relationship status, and April said goodbye to Dom and hello to Leo before finding out she might have to say goodbye to Leo, too.

In the Carver kitchen, Sara is trying to get more information about Brenna’s Eco Club trip but Brenna is being a typical vague teenager. At least, that’s what Sara thinks. When really Brenna just doesn’t know how to breach this whole Natalie thing yet. Sara says she thinks this Greer sounds like a nice girl and wants to meet her once and for all. All Sara really knows about Greer is that she cares about the environment, but considering that trait has the word “cares” in it, she’s already worlds above Ford in Sara’s book, so she invites Greer over for dinner. After all, she’s encouraging Brenna to try new things. This makes Brenna almost choke on her coffee because she can list a few new things she’d like to try with Greer that can’t be shared at the family table.

CL 109-1 Wanky.

April comes down and everyone makes egg jokes because it’s breakfast and April’s on her way to get her eggs frozen before she starts chemo. Despite that, she wants these last two days of freedom to be normal as humanly possible.

Sara goes with April to the fertility doctor and offers to throw her a pre-chemo party, and April smiles and thanks her. Being at the fertility doctor makes Sara recount the story of April’s birth, how she was nine days late, and how she loved being pregnant. It’s told with a lot more fondness than when my mother tells her labor story. April tells her mother she’s going to be a great grandmother someday…but like, five years from now someday. So calm down.

At the coffee shop, Brenna is catching Kieran up on the Eco Trip, and he says it sounds like a terrible time. He invites her to a concert, but she doesn’t want to commit because April will be in the hospital then. He sort of chuckles and says that April’s cancer is cramping his style and Brenna and I make unpleasant facial expressions; hers is more like general disbelief at his insensitivity and mine was abject horror. He sees his mistake reflected in her eyes and apologizing, asking if she’s free tonight instead. She says she’s hanging out with Greer and decides it’s time to come clean. She lays it all out on the table: She likes him, but she likes someone else, too. And despite her practically JUST telling him who it was, heteronormativity wins out again and Kieran says, “Who is he?”

Brenna says it’s Greer, which Kieran kind of stumbles with for a minute before asking if Brenna has been using him as a beard because she’s afraid to admit she’s a lesbian. Brenna says that’s not what it is, and that she isn’t into labels, and Greer knows that. Kieran, still having a hard time with this truth bomb, demands to know if she’s gone further with Greer than she has with Kieran. Brenna, a teenager wise beyond her years, says it’s not a contest. She tells him that she likes both of them and was wondering if maybe he would be cool if she dating both of them? Maybe walk the line between open relationships and polyamory, see where it leads?

CL 109-2Surely teenagers are open-minded and mature enough for this?

He says he can give it a try. And for a minute I think maybe I’d be okay with her dating both of them, if he could learn to be more sensitive about April’s situation. But then he says, “If I can watch sometime” and Brenna tells him to shut up and I am 100% done with Kieran. (Or so I thought. Spoiler alert, somehow got MORE done with him.)

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