Lea DeLaria teaches America to fist and more from the “OITNB” cast on “Conan”


Some of our favorite Orange is the New Black castmates (and Jason Biggs) stopped by Conan to talk about the show’s success and facets of their character. ICYMI, here are some of the best moments.

First Conan gets his hair done by the legendary Sophia (Laverne Cox).

Uzo Aduba teaches Conan how to do some crazy eyes.

There’s also an alternate opening the show decided not to go with, probably because of the lesbian content.

Speaking of lesbians, Lea DeLaria taught Natasha Lyonne how to be very convincing in her Sapphic sex scenes.

Use that one at home, ladies!

Laverne talked about her how her brother gets mistaken for her all the time.

Kate Mulgrew got dance revenge on Conan, who made her do an Irish jig on his show 15 years ago.

Lastly, Taylor Schilling and Uzo talk about having to film a fight scene together.

Anyone else cringe when Jason Biggs said he wanted to get in on the lesbian sex?

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