“Rookie Blue” recap (5.7): Goodbye to You


Previously on Rookie Blue, Andy and Swarek kissed and made up, Oliver was temporarily given a white shirt which made him HBIC, and I filled out multiple missing persons reports for Holly Stewart, since the forensic pathologist was nowhere to be found.

We begin with Oliver skipping into the Penny because soon he will get his blue shirt back. A few of the officers from 15 Division, including Andy, toast to King Oliver, long live the king.

The next day, Oliver’s last in that blasted white shirt, but chipper as can be since it’s his last day on the throne. The inspector finds him and asks him why on Earth he would turn down this job offer, but Oliver says he wasn’t cut out for this job, even if he WAS really good at it. He whistles on down to send off his squad for the last time ever.

Today the cop stuff is called Operation Cannoli; a project I am totally behind until I find out it doesn’t involve sitting around and eating delicious pastries. There was a fire bombing in Little Italy and the main suspect is Vinny the Quitter. Gail interrupts Nash’s spiel to ask why he’s called that, and Nash says he used to be called Vinny the Smoker. I don’t know if she was kidding or not, but Gail and I are both amused.

RB 507-1Enjoy the levity while you can, Gail.

Chloe gets an assignment and she is ECSTATIC because she’s off desk duty. Oliver wishes her happy birthday and tells Gail she’s on duty with Chloe and Nick, and Gail, totally deadpan, says her birthday is in November. Never change, Peck. Never change.

After everyone heads out on their assignments, Oliver calls Andy “A type goddess, organizer of piles” asks her to clean his office before the next person takes over his reign as staff sergeant.

Nick and Chloe head into a bakery in Little Italy to try to find Vinny the quitter (not before Gail calls Chloe and asks for a cannoli) but the owner, Mario, isn’t giving him up. He instead tries to deflect and tells Chloe he has a son, and asks if she’s Italian. When she tells him that she’s Portuguese, he says fuhgeddaboudit and tells the officers to leave a card and surely he’ll call when and if Vinny makes an appearance.

Back at 15, the inspector comes into Oliver’s office to tell them that the hearing has been moved and it’s now in two hours. Andy decides now’s as good a time as any to tell Oliver that she fudged some of her reports to make Duncan look better than he was. Oliver tells her that this is not good news; no good deed goes unpunished.

While in a tailspin from this news, Oliver gets a call from Chloe and Nick saying they hit a wall, but Oliver tells them to get creative and hangs up on them. Creative they do get, and they grab some trash bags from the garbage truck collecting from the bakery. Public property means no warrant necessary. Bazinga.

The only problem is, Chloe is afraid if she sorts through trash, she’ll be stinky for the surprise party she assumes Dov is throwing for her later. WhichChloe, darlingI love you, but hoping for a surprise party is just a recipe for being let down. Especially if your boyfriend is Dov.

Just to throw another wrench in what was supposed to be an easy breezy last day as staff sergeant, Oliver’s ex Zoe shoes up with their daughter Izzy. She was suspended from school because she was part of a weird-sounding performance art protest in support of the drama club. Dov helpfully offers to watch Izzy, but Oliver tells him that she would eat him for lunch, and puts Gail in charge instead. Gail tries to pawn her off on Diaz, but no one has seen or heard from Chris all day.

RB 507-2Appropriately wary of teenagers.

So it’s Gail who is entrusted with Oliver’s teenaged daughter. Because Gail is the one Oliver trusts the most. Though I do have a feeling Gail’s soft spot for children doesn’t extend past junior high. I know mine doesn’t.

Nick and Chloe bond over heaps of garbage, and Chloe says that, even if she doesn’t get a party, she’d be okay with spending her birthday the way she usually does: eating popcorn and watching The Breakfast Club. The bonding session ends abruptly when Chloe finds what she thinks is a penis, and is rightly terrified.

RB 507-3Every time Chloe does something cute, I shout, “DON’T DIE” at my screen.

As it turns out. it’s not a penis, but a thumb. Thank goodness, especially considering where this appendage goes next. Anyway, it’s enough for a warrant, so Nick and Chloe’s stinky initiative paid off.

They find Vinny and bring him in, and Swarek catches Vinny in a cover up by referring to their witness as a “she” even though Swarek never said it was a woman. Either way, Vinny already had that woman shut up, much to BroPeck’s dismay.

Upstairs, Oliver is getting frustrated as Andy’s case seems bleaker and bleaker, but Andy supports her actions. She wanted Duncan to prove he wasn’t a Gerald. Oliver tells her that he gets it, but she wasn’t doing her job as a training officer, and that’s a problem.

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