“The Bridge” recap (2.4): The Acorn


Eleanor is walking down a lonely, dusty road when she comes across an armadillo corpse. She surrounds the poor beast’s body with a rock formation, taking care to protect it from the elements. Such a tender gesture coming from a brutal killer who recently disposed of a teenager in a barrel of lye. One of Galvan’s men comes to pick her up, and she slides into the backseat as he places her cargo in the van. He mumbles in Spanish that she’s crazy, so perhaps that will come back to bite him later.


At the bank, the manager Mr. Delarge, who is under the thumb of Galvan, gets a call warning him not to tell a soul about what really happened when Yovani and Eleanor stopped by. Tim, the assistant who had his ear sliced off by Yovani, pokes his slightly mutilated head in. He promises not to say a word as long as Delarge keeps paying for his silence.

Jack Dobbs sits at the bedside of his brother Jim, as Jim takes his last breath. The nurse asks him if he’s like to be alone with his brother, but Jack says he just wants to put this all behind him. Have I mentioned that I don’t trust Jack? Lt. Wade and I have that in common.

Prosecutor Pintado shows up at Marco’s bachelor pad to try and convince him to assit in building a case against Capitan Robles. Right now, Pintado only has enough to take a few dirty cops off the streets. Marco holds the key to bringing down the whole house of cards. When Pintado brings up the recent meeting with Robles and Galvan, Marco plays dumb but Pintado knows the score.

Sonya rushes to the hospital ward, just as Jack is sketchily going through Jim’s old drawings. (Methinks there is a clue in there!) He informs her that she is too late and Jim has already passed. Sonya, who is reeling from the fact that she cannot get the closure she so desperately craved, sits down beside Jim’s body and puts her hand on his chest. When Jack attempts to comfort her, she screams and recoils at his touch. Sonya sends Jack away and as he leaves, he grabs the box full of drawings.


Staying at a cruddy hotel that looks a lot like the one Jack is staying at, Charlotte once again tries to reach Monte Flagg. Inside, Ray is chowing down on some tacos and watching NASCAR. He looks like a man finally in his natural habitat. Charlotte is starting to freak out about how they are going to survive once their meager stash runs out. Ray is confident that once they are in Alaska they can build a new life for themselves. In fact, he’s kind of romanticizing the whole ordeal. Fish canning. Kids. Log cabins. Not so much for Charlotte.

Frye and Adriana show up at the bank, and Frye immediately zeros in on Tim’s ear bandage. Yup, they are definitely in the right place. They lie and say they are interested in opening an account for a small business, but when Frye and Adriana get into the Delarge’s office, they reveal that they are investigating a money laundering scheme.


Adriana drops the Q word (Quintana) and Delarge’s face freezes. He calls security and Frye and Adriana make a hasty exit. When they leave, Delarge knows he’s toast. He slowly walks out into the lobby, and tells Tim where he keeps all the burner phones and suggests that Tim go on back to Pennsylvania where people don’t cut each other’s ears off. Delarge then walks out into the parking lot, where Adriana and Frye spy him. Delarge pulls out a gun and kills himself in front of them and the poor guy spinning the bank sign.

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