“Face Off” Mini-Cap (7.02): You want I should whack them?


And we’re back. The fourteen “official” contestants for this season of Face Off have their first real, official challenge and it’s boss – mob boss that is. Yes, I know. I apologize now for all mob-related puns. Feel free to have me whacked.

Today’s very special guest is Oscar-winning Dick Tracy visual effects artist Doug Drexler, who comes dressed for the theme, I think – it’s possible he just dresses like a mobster every day.


Our contestants must create an original fantasy gangster character based on a real-life mobster’s colorful nickname.

There was no twist, unless you consider that there was actually a mob hitman whose nickname was “The Typewriter” a twist.

The Unambiguously Hipster Duo of Cig Neutron and George Troester III (yes, I know, those are actually their names) made a great big, literally, Big Tuna mobster. It was really cool and Cig ended up winning despite his ridiculous captain’s hat.


You know what I hate on ANY reality show? When men bowl over the ideas of women on their teams because, you know – men. And, because I believe in equal opportunity annoyance, I also hate it when women let themselves be bowled over. So I had to grit my teeth when Sasha Glasser let Barry Mahoney run with his dumb rat mobster idea, instead of doing anything actually clock related to their gangster’s nickname “Tick Tock.” But in the end it all worked out because Barry got the boot. High five for feminist justice.


Was I the only one deeply confused by which teams the judges actually liked during judging? At first I thought everyone except the Unambiguously Hipster Duo was on the bottom. Way to be spare with the praise, guys.

Oooof, that Mr. Peanut Head.


I got nervous, again, because I wasn’t totally sure how the judges felt about out contestant Stella Sensel and her partner Doc O’Connell’s needle-headed mobster. But they wound up a top look despite his abrupt shower-cappy hairline. But the strong and interesting profile carried them through. Whew.


Also, did you know Stella is on Twitter and has her own blog where she recaps her work on each episode of Face Off? Well, now you do.

So, did you agree with the judges? I really thought everyone else did well (well, besides the rat and peanut). But my favorite part of this episode and possibly this entire show is how everyone chipped in to help Vince Niebla and Rachael Wagner open and clear their mold. Yeah, everyone is there to win. But they also want everyone else to do their best. Kumbaya and all that good shit.

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