“Chasing Life” recap (1.08): Sometimes Secret Sisters Suck


Previously on Chasing Life, April started bonding with her Cancer Support Group, Beth continued being the best friend ever, Dom discontinued being in Boston, and Brenna kissed Greer.

April is playing cards with her grandmother and their friends, who are all laughing and joking about death and the afterlife, as grandparents sometimes do. My Papa’s favorite joke is, when someone mentions any upcoming event he should be planning to attend, he’ll wave his hand at them and say, “Ah, I’ll be dead by then.” It is my least favorite joke.

This is also April’s least favorite joke, but the women assure her that they’re ready when the grim reaper comes for them in his deathcab. And whether it’s headed to heaven or hell, they’re sure to find people to party with there.

April’s next stop on the “feel better about this whole cancer thing” tour is Cancer Support Group Yoga, which is helping a little, but mostly she misses Dom. Leo tries to be supportive, but April brushes him off, asking where Jackson was; it was his idea for her to try yoga in the first place. Leo gets one of his rare serious expressions on his face and says Jackson’s cancer is back and he’s in the hospital again. April looks horror-stricken, but Leo puts his playboy face back on and shrugs. What did she expect from a Cancer Support Group? Happily ever after?

Back at the Carver household, Brenna is packing for her trip to Miami with the Eco club. April is confused; Brenna? Eco club? But something clicks. April gives her sister a sly smile and asks if the girl she loooooves is in Eco club. Brenna says she doesn’t looooove her, but yes, that girl she’s speaking so coyly of is indeed in Eco club.

CL 108-1Too early for love, but I’d say she LIKE likes her for sure.

Before she leaves for school, Brenna asks April what she knows about Natalie Ortiz; her own Google search proved too fruitful for actual results. Their dad couldn’t have had an affair with someone with a less common last name? Sheesh. So inconsiderate. Being VERY considerate, however, is Brenna, who has agreed to get her cheek swabbed after school to see if she’s a match for any potential future bone marrow transplants April might need. On the way out the door, she promises she’ll finish packing for Miami after school, which I always would tell myself, but always ended up packing on the way out the door the next morning anyway.

At the hospital, Uncle Doctor George introduces April to the non-pediatric oncologist who will be her doctor when she starts chemo. The new doctor is friendly and warm and straight-forward and greets April like she has been assigned to be her personal bodyguard in her upcoming battle and it’s a job she was born to have. The new doctor assures April that the bone marrow transplant is just something they want to keep at the ready, for after the chemo, just in case. April tells her that she just doesn’t want to die, and the new doctor cheerily jaunts down a fake note, “Patient does not want to die.” The doctor says that she’s a fighter, and will be fighting tooth and nail for April to survive. This makes April smile a little through her tears.

After school, Greer is in Brenna’s room, and they are kissing! Just making out, like girls sometimes do.

CL 108-2NBD just kissin’ my gal.

Greer pulls away and tells Brenna that she really needs to pack her bags. Brenna would prefer to…procrastinate a little longer, but Greer’s lips are zipped til Brenna’s suitcase is zipped. Which is the best motivator ever and I hope my future girlfriend is taking notes.

While Brenna finishes packing, she tells Greer that her Mystery Sister lives about an hour from where they’re going for the Eco Club trip, and maybe the universe put her in Eco Club so she could meet Natalie. Greer is like, “No, YOU put you in Eco Club because hi hello have you seen me?” Brenna says maybe Natalie will be a match for April’s bone marrow if she isn’t, and Greer offers to go with her to Natalie’s house. Brenna says she doesn’t have to; after all, she actually enjoyed Ecology Club and joined long before one of the membership benefits included sweet lady kisses. Greer giggles and says “Ecology” sounds way nerdier than “Eco” (I beg to differ) but Brenna just smiles and calls her a nerd and kisses her like it’s the most natural thing in the world. And I know it is, but so many shows get that so wrong. Coming out stories are so important, but being out stories are important, too. One of the best things about this relationship so far is that Greer came into it a confident lesbian teenager, and Brenna’s biggest hang-up about liking Greer wasn’t that she was a girl, but was that she smiled so damn much and it didn’t fit in with the broody persona she had been trying out. But now look at her! All smiles and clubs and selfless missions.

Anyway, Greer says that nerds love adventures so she’s going with Brenna to find her Mystery Sister, and they get back to kissing.

CL 108-3Way more fun than packing.

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