“Chasing Life” recap (1.07): Present Tense


Previously on Chasing Life, April found out her cancer treatments could affect her fertility, and Brenna started to develop feelings for Greer, partially in thanks to the incomparable Beth Kingston.

We open on April and Beth in the waiting room of the fertility clinic, chatting about April’s sex life. Half of them are questions on the form they’re filling out, half of them are just to quell Beth’s curiosity. A nearby super-enthusiastic lesbian couple interrupts their giggle-fest to ask them which of them will be carrying the child. See, one has a more demanding job, but the other can hardly keep a goldfish alive! Haha! So hilarious! Life is hard to sustain! WAIT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT A HUMAN, I VOTE FOR LESBIAN #1.

Beth, being the adorable human she is, decides to just play along and grabs April’s hand. Kind of like how in Playing House they just went with the assumed lesbianism, but without the epic awkwardness afterwards.

CL 107-1I dunno, I think they make a cute couple.

April meets with the fertility doctor and finds out that storing your eggs is considered elective, even when you’re about to receive ovary-frying radiation, and the procedure will cost about $5,000. April has about ten days to decide if she still wants/can afford to freeze her eggs.

When April gets home, her mother pops up and starts interrogating her like a barky dog and April looks like she seriously regrets telling her mother anything. April snaps that she’s going to her support group because she needs SUPPORT, MOTHER and poor Sara’s tail sadly droops between her legs.

In group, April talks about the egg-freezing she can’t really afford, and confesses that she hasn’t told her boyfriend about her leukemia yet. She asks her fellow group-mates for advice; one man says his boyfriend left a human-shaped hole in the wall, he scooted so fast, which, by the look on April’s face, is exactly what she was afraid to hear. But they tell her that she has to do it; it’s a true test of friendship, of love, of loyalty. The way people react to big news like this is a way to see who they really are, and if they’ll be able to be by your side when the going gets rough.

CL 107-2“So, what I’m hearing is, I should just date Beth.”

April chats with Leo after group, who is lighthearted and making “seize the day” seizure jokes, which still make April cringe a little. She tells Leo that she has a lead for a story on his dad that she wants to pursue, but in the spirit of being cancer buddies, she wanted to ask his permission first. He gives her the go-ahead, because he’s not the spoiled brat he sometimes pretends to be.

At the Boston Post’s staff meeting, Bossman Lawrence is swatting down story pitches like they’re mosquitoes. The sex columnist, Mallory, is the only one with a half-decent story, which is about sperm-napping (kind of like what Bette and Tina tried to do that one time). April is last to pitch her piece about Leo’s dad, and she sells it so well that she’s told that the story is hers, under Raquel The Wretched’s supervision, and if the story makes it to print, it will be her first byline.

At school, Brenna finds Greer at…a craft fair? At first I thought she was selling antiques or cleaning out her hoarder grandmother’s attic but apparently it’s a table for the Eco Club. Greer says she’s too busy to talk to Brenna, and doesn’t even have a dimpled smile for her today, but Brenna is persistent. She even signs up for Eco Club just for an excuse to keep talking. Brenna apologizes for the night of the party, about hooking up with Kieran in her room, on her bed. Greer shrugs it off and says it’s fine, but she does not look very fine at all.

CL 107-3

Meanwhile at the Post, while Dominic and April make their plans for the evening, Dom gets a gig offer. If he accepts, he’ll follow Daft Punk around for four months. April and Dom exchange uneasy glances. But April has other things to worry about. Raquel gives her back her story and tells her that it’s simply not publishing material and gives her an hour to fix it, in a tone that makes it clear that she does not expect her to be able to fix it in an hour. Danny, April’s annoying and sexist cubicle neighbor, calls April and Raquel’s argument a catfight because he’s the worst. But April takes it in stride, and takes Danny’s focus playlist, turns into a jungle cat and fixes her story quick like a cheetah. Bossman tells her that she officially earned her first byline, much to Raquel’s chagrin.

April and Beth celebrate April’s byline by drinking champagne on a stoop while Beth sells all her belongings to help April pay for her egg-freezing procedure. Beth tells April that she really needs to stop worrying about everyone else, and how they’ll handle her news. She’s the sick one, she has to do what makes HER happy, what will make HER the least stressed. To give the stress-free April a head start, she refills her glass of champagne. Has there ever been a better best friend than Beth? PROVE IT.

April goes home and starts getting ready for her date with Dom, while Brenna watches. It’s little things like this that make me really sad that I don’t have a sister. My brother is great, but he’s not particularly good at the getting-ready-chit-chat thing.

CL 107-4I see that flannel, girl. (Pretending not to see the fishnets.)

Anyway, Brenna’s weirded out by her mom and sister fighting; usually it’s her that gets Sara’s temper flaring. April doesn’t want to think about that right now, because she just earned her first byline, and not even an insane mother is going to get her down. Brenna is crazy proud of her big sister. Sara is proud, too, as she lurks just outside the doorway, but doesn’t come in because she heard April’s exasperation and doesn’t want to interrupt.

Instead, April’s phone interrupts. She gets a text from Danny saying her story is being scrapped and she better get to the office ASAP. She drops everything and runs for her life, leaving a message for Dom about being late on the way. Luckily, she was honest in her message and said she was going back to the office, because if she had lied, he would have found out in three…two…one…SURPRISE! Everyone was at the office waiting for her; her story wasn’t scrapped, Dom had thrown together a party to celebrate her big win.

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