“Rookie Blue” recap (5.06): Daddy issues


Previously on Rookie Blue, Gail and Holly were on a break and Andy found a body in a trunk.

We open on Oliver and Swarek giving 15 Division everything they know about the body in the trunk. Which, unfortunately, isn’t much. Before they can break off to solve the mystery, a man stumbles in and is shocked to see his brother on the murderboard. They interview the brother a little, but of course he couldn’t imagine anyone who would want to hurt his brother because no one ever does. This is why whenever I meet someone that I suspect is capable of murdering me, I tell my best friend. I’m hoping she has a running list she’s holding onto so she doesn’t sound like one of these useless people on cop shows.

Meanwhile, Nash has a mystery of her own: Her baby daddy, Dex, is MIA. He wasn’t at mediation (which is good for her) but he also didn’t show up to pick up Leo (which is not so good).

Gail and Nick are partnered up today, and even though good ol’ Nick is focused on the job, Gail is plotting out his online dating profile. After all, she knows all kinds of weird things about him. Like how he sleeps with his eyes half open and has never fallen prey to the mysterious black hole that steals singular socks. Nick then says that Gail is single now, too (WRONG) so he can make her a profile that says she flosses her teeth with her hair, which she points out is no longer true. Because she cut off all her hair. WITH HOLLY. REMEMBER, GAIL? REMEMBER HOLLY? *weeps quietly*

RB 506-1Stop smiling and get your butt down to autopsy!

They decide their job is to go visit someone who they believe owned the car the body was found in. When they get there, the man is in his robe and asks if he can get dressed before he goes down to the station for questioning. Gail agrees, but says that Nick will have to watch him to make sure he doesn’t make a run for it. She would do it, but she doesn’t swing that way anymore.

RB 506-2You said it! No takes back!

When they do get the guy, Sean, down to the station, McNally and Swarek interrogate him. He is pretty calm and a little confused, so it makes sense when Dr. Howard says that it isn’t the man he gave a test drive to, which is the main suspect for this case.

Sean’s wife mentions that a man named Larry lives in their basement. Larry is a friend of Sean’s, an ex-con, and, according to Dr. Howard, definitely the guy he gave a test drive to. Swarek says it might be a debt he’s paying to a former cellmate, so he offers to go to the prison to check it out. He’s acting a little shifty, so McNally decides to go with him on a road trip.

Definitely NOT road tripping is Chloe. She’s frustrated; she can’t find a single motive anyone could possibly have for killing this guy, she’s sick of being on desk duty, and her stupid tequila husband kept a blood clot in her neck that she would very much like to part with. Unfortunately, since the vic is dead and the desk is inanimate and her tequila husband works for a different precinct, Dov gets the brunt of her anger.

Nash finally gets a call from her baby daddy…well, from the hospital, who is calling to ask her to pick Dex up after a bar fight. She doesn’t have time, what with a killer on the loose, so BroPeck gallantly offers to get him for her.

RB 506-3Gratuitous picture of Nash because I like her face.

But Dex isn’t quite as keen to be picked up as BroPeck was to fetch him. They fight it out (verbally…Dex is in pretty bad shape) and Dex says he’ll just call his brother for a while. BroPeck says that he should probably make that his first call next time and strolls right on out of there.

In the squad car, Gail is trying to take a picture of Nick for his online dating profile, and they’re all coming out pretty horrible, which delights Gail to no end.

RB 506-4I would pay so much money to read what she wrote about him.

Despite Gail seemingly not focusing on the case, she helps Nick realize that the suspect is probably at the bus station, because there’s always more to Gail Peck than meets the eye.

Having way less fun is McSwarek. They are on the most awkward, boring road trip ever. Which maybe isn’t fair because I’ll forever be comparing road trips to Helena and Sarah’s road trip on Orphan Black and that was the best road trip in the history of road trips. Anyway, Andy tries to use the game “two truths and a lie” to get Swarek to open up to her and share some of his feelings since he’s a cold, quiet, broody man. But since he’s a cold, quiet, broody man, he doesn’t fall for her tricks and purposefully (?) plays the game very, very wrong.

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