“Orange is the New Black” recap (2.12): It Was the Change


As Superstorm Emmy Nominations comes bearing down on Litchfield, Red’s crew is trying to secure the greenhouse. After Taslitz’s bumbling assassination attempt on Vee, Red fears retaliation on the family. Frieda suggests changing the narrative by turning this mistake into an advantage. All they need to do is convince Vee that they stabbed someone else on purpose. Red shuts down that idea and instead suggests they need a peaceful parley to set the record straight, without any further bloodshed.

As the rest of the prison prepares for the storm, Poussey is still sneaking some of that god-awful prison hooch. She finds Watson dealing out of the library and confronts her. Poussey can’t wrap her head around the fact that Watson went to the SHU for Vee, and is still doing her bidding. Watson gives Poussey a piece of advice: Stop fighting the inevitable.


Piper sits nervously watching the storm rage outside, while attempting to fix an ancient television. Morello stops by to check on Piper and her attempts to halt her transfer. Piper has exhausted her resources and it looks like a transfer in inevitable. We find out that Ruiz is also on the transfer list and will be taken far away from her little baby and boyfriend. Piper even suspects that her family is relieved to hear about her transfer so they won’t have to give up their weekends to visit. As Morello heads out, Piper thanks her for her kindness when Piper first arrived. On one of the most frightening and depressing days of Piper’s life, Morello gave her a tiny bit of hope. That hope is what carried Piper through her dark moments. Morello is touched by Piper’s words and promises to look to them on her own bad days.

Gina stops by the commissary to invite Vee to Red’s parley later that day in the greenhouse but Vee is about to have bigger problems on her hands than a feelings session with Red. A tipsy Poussey stumbles into the custodial room and destroys Vee’s supply of tobacco.


In Fig’s office, an accountant goes through some of the prison’s expenses and points out some major discrepancies. Fig tries to throw him off her scent by scoring him an invite to her husband’s fundraiser where she will introduce him to one of his favorite NY Giants players. It works.

Bennett approaches Daya after a few days of not speaking but instead of still being angry, Daya has news. The baby is moving around in there. She also believes it’s a boy and Bennett is over the moon.

Taystee walks in the custodial supply room to find Vee angrily cleaning up Poussey’s mess. Vee directs her anger on to Taystee who had accepted responsibly for Poussey and promised she wouldn’t be an issue. Instead of offing Poussey, which would cause Vee more trouble and scrutiny than she wants, she kicks Taystee out of the crew. Taystee is brokenhearted that her “mother” is abandoning her yet again.


Flashback to Vee, Taystee and RJ’s apartment before it all went downhill. Over pizza, Vee complains of exhaustion and feeling too hot to sleep. One of RJ’s friends points out that it might be our dear friend menopause, knocking at Vee’s door. Vee freaks out, thinking she had more time before she had to worry about the change. RJ comforts her, letting her know that he thinks she’s still mighty hot. Vee calls him out for teasing her, but he’s dead serious. This is getting really complex. Oedipal complex. Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

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