“The Fosters”: Our favorite #GaydyBunch tweets from “Truth Be Told”


On last night’s The Fosters, everyone was singing a little Salt ‘n Pepa because it was just sex talk from start to finish. Jesus is juggling too many girls and Mariana is jealous pissed about his philandering ways. Callie gave sex a try with Wyatt but found herself in the middle of a PTSD panic attack. Brandon got high and told Lena about the time Dani, the truly horrible human, raped him. Lena was everywhere, having heart-to-hearts, putting out fires, rescuing a stoned off his ass teenager as if she is getting ready to have a baby and disappear for a while. Stef followed Mike and found that he hadn’t killed Ana because, surprise!, she’s alive and living in a seedy hotel. Jude may have selective mutism, but you all don’t. Here are a few of our favorite tweets from last night.


Come back later for the full recap.

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