“Orange is the New Black” recap (2.11): Take a Break From Your Values


There’s a superstorm bearing down on New York and it’s got the inmates feeling a little tense. Soso and the hunger strikers, which now includes Yoga Jones, Leanne and Angie, are discussing their final list of demands. Sister Ingalls is tired of their bickering and tells them to shush it or stuff it. Yoga is surprised the Sister is showing so much resistance since she’s in jail for her boundary pushing activism. Sister Ingalls says she’s just looking for a little silent contemplation, so naturally Leanne calls her a pussy.

Flashback to Sister as a young nun. As a young novitiate she’s getting a tour of the convent by an older nun, Sister Constance. Sister Ingalls inquires as to when she should expect Jesus to speak to her because so far it’s only been her talking. “Jesus, you’ll never believe what happened in gym class. Jesus, what’s the difference between Canadian bacon and ham? Jesus? Hello?” The older nun tells her that Jesus comes to those humble enough to listen. Sister Ingalls overhears some fellow novitiates talking about anti-war demonstrations and a young activist is born.


After the disastrous PR situation brought upon by Mendez’s arrest, Fig is planning a rock concert benefit against rape. “Rape and Roll,” is an actual suggestion. Man, she is the worst. (I’d like to point out that she is wearing a snakeskin-patterned suit.) She thanks Caputo for his assistance in the matter and informs him that the B Dorm bathroom is finally being fixed. By an approved vendor of course. Also, the warden is gifting him with some old riot gear, just in case. Of riots and stuff. Or Taco Tuesday!

Daya has poured her pain and humiliation into a comic for the newsletter and Piper comments on her bravery. Soso, weak from hunger, hands Piper her contribution; the hunger strike demands. Piper is like, “Listen here, Katniss NeverDeen, there is no way I can get this past Healy.” Soso begs her to try, and Chapman agrees to put it in with the expectation that it will be cut. Soso is grateful, even if she doesn’t trust a bitch. Piper walks off with Soso hot on her trail, blathering about Gandhi, which gives Bennett a chance to talk to Daya. Daya is not in the mood to deal with Bennett’s puppy dog eyes and pouty lying lips, so she bounces.

Poussey struggles with a heavy cart of books on account of her smashed up ribs and all. Vee approaches her and Poussey can only wish for a door to Narnia to pop up and let her escape this bullshit. Vee offers Poussey some Arnica for the pain, all the while reminding her that the Big House is actually Vee’s House. Poussey suggests that Vee got herself tossed in jail because it’s the only place she can get any respect. She calls Vee out on her Fagin-like ways. “You’re like a pedophile without the sex.” Vee doesn’t take kindly to the comparison and asks Poussey how much worse does she want it to get. Poussey, like a woman with nothing to lose, tells her to bring it.


Piper stops by Healy’s office and he is actually happy to see her. He’s placed an ad in the newsletter for Safe Space and feeling pretty good about his mad counseling skills. So much so that he skims right past the hunger strike demands and sends the newsletter off to print. Piper has a question but before she can ask it, Healy makes her write down a feeling and put it in the “Feelings Jar.” Piper wants to add someone to her call list. A certain bespectacled Queens dwelling Alex Vause. “It’s not a lesbian thing!” Piper assures him. (It’s always a lesbian thing.) He suggests that this is a bad idea but Piper tells him it will give her some much needed closure. He signs the request, and she places her feeling in the jar. Grateful.

Red is on a rampage and it’s not even lunch time! She’s looking for the traitor who sold out her smuggling tunnel. She turns her rage onto poor Frieda, who is minding her own business, playing cards. Red grabs her by the collar and Nicky has to pull her off. She follows Red into the bathroom and tries to calm her down. Nicky suggests that maybe Vee just figured it out all on her own. Just then, Cindy appears and points out that maybe their secret plans would stay secret if they didn’t scream about them in public places. Red confronts Cindy about the drugs coming in, and reminds her what happened to Trisha. Cindy remembers all too well but launches into this speech.

“I remember the Alamo too, but that don’t keep me from eating Mexican food. And drugs in the prison ain’t the craziest thing that’s ever happened. I’ll tell you what is though. You thinking you can open a road and say only white people can drive on it. Uh uh. This is America. The bathrooms may be segregated, but the market be free.”

As she leaves, feeling triumphant, she lets Red know that it was Boo who told Vee about the tunnel.


Outside on the loading dock, the COs are getting their shipment of riot gear. As the boys play with their toys, CO Bell stops by to hand out the newsletter, with O’Neill featured on the front page. This is how Caputo finds out about the hunger strike. He heads inside to confront Soso and the women. He’s not particularly interested in hearing their demands. The B Dorm bathroom is being fixed so that gets crossed off the list. The SHU is another subject entirely, and a sensitive one apparently since Caputo refuses to discuss it. He does let Yoga Jones know that Watson is being released later that day though. When he asks if there are any more questions, Sister Ingalls pipes up regarding the care of elderly inmates. She puts on her no nonsense habit and calls Caputo out for the so called Compassionate Release program. He quakes just a little in his boots. I went to Catholic school for 12 years, so I know the feeling.

Flashback to the young nuns being dropped off in front of the convent by a hippie in a VW bus. One of the head nuns sees them and sends them off to meet with Sister Constance, which means they are in big trouble. The novitiate that suggested the rally and swore they had Sr. Connie’s blessing, turns out to be the Lying Nun. Ha. Sorry. It’s too late though. Sister Ingalls has been bitten by the activist bug.

Watson does indeed get released from SHU, and Cindy can’t help but try and push her buttons. Watson is not in a good state from being isolated, and lashes out at her. Vee calms her down and they sit to eat. With impeccable timing, Pennsatucky comes by to announce sign ups for Safe Space. Watson asks what Safe Space is and Cindy tells her it’s where you can snitch comfortably and get a shot removed from your record. Watson thinks it sounds pretty good, actually. Pennsatucky stops at the table to ask if anyone wants to sign up, and mentions that Poussey did. Suzanne offers to keep an eye on her in case she decides to open up. Vee loves the idea and Suzanne promises, “my brain will always be there for you, thinking things so you don’t have to.”


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