Watch! Hulu’s “East Los High” has a Latina lesbian relationship



Hulu’s original series East Los High had a successful first season, so it’s coming back with all new characters starting Wednesday, July 9, for 12 episodes. Fans of the first season will recognize some familiar faces, with returning favorites taking over jobs as coaches, chaperones and speakers at the high school they loved (and loved to hate) in East Los Angeles.

In the Season 2 premiere, we are introduced to sexpot and Bomb Squad dance team member Camilla (Vanessa Vasquez), who has a thing for sleeping with married men. Her friends and mom love to tease her about it, but Camilla is over being with guys who treat her like crap and starts to fall for her best friend, Jocelyn (Andrea Sixtos), a smart and talented newspaper editor at East Los. The relationship is off to a beautiful start, but is kept quiet for the time being, as Jocelyn knows her grandparents will never accept her as a lesbian and Camilla has other things plaguing her, including a sexual assault in her past that causes her to self-harm.


Things get interesting, though, when Jocelyn’s foster brother Nicholas comes back from New York and shows his intent to romance Camilla, which threatens family, love and friendship all around.

I visited with Vanessa at Hulu’s offices to talk about Camilla and Jocelyn, LGBT visibility in the Latina community, and what else we can expect from Season 2 of East Los High.

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East Los High premieres on Hulu Wednesday, July 9 with new episodes rolling out every week. Or, if you’re a Hulu Plus member, you can watch all 11 episodes. And you might—it’s addicting!

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