“Pretty Little Liars”: Will Paige and Alison face off for Emily’s love in the 100th episode?


The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars is shaping up to be a real showdown. According the promo photos and teaser videos ABC Family is hurling down from the heavens, Mona and Alison will get themselves into a slap-off; Jenna Marshall will return to town to beat down some pretty little asses for beating down her (sometimes?) girlfriend, Shana “Costumeshop” Fring; Toby’s hair will continue to wage war against his head; Caleb will take Charon’s bus home from Ravenswood and find himself face-to-face with Hanna’s new cowboy; shadows will attack houses; Hastingses will attack Hastingses — and Paige and Alison will finally find themselves standing in the same room together.

But according to the bosses on the Twitter machine, tomorrow night’s episode will also be a shipapalooza. For the gaymos in the crowd — which, let’s be honest, is 63 percent of the total crowd — we’ve got Alison and Emily canoodling with their hands:


And Emily acknowledging out loud that Alison bullied Paige/building up Paige’s Paigeness with her Hufflepuff affection:

Something tells me this love triangle is just getting started. You bring the chickpeas, I’ll bring the Board Shorts Ale. We’ll meet under the #BooRadleyVanCullen tree at 8:00.

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