“Rookie Blue” recap (5.4): Break Before I Bend


Previously on Rookie Blue, Gail walked out on Holly implying she might be done with their relationship, Andy got assigned to train the worst Rookie in the history of rookies, and Chloe returned from the dead to be as bouncy and bubbly as ever.

We open with Andy and her Rookie booking a guy who likes to steal things from people’s cars, but before they can book him, Andy has to use the ladies’ room. She tells Rookie Duncan to stay put and not move and comes back to chaos as two of the booked criminals got into a fight, but Rookie didn’t step in to stop it because Andy told him not to move. Not the sharpest tool, but at least he listened?

Chloe is in the gym working on her fitness, and Dov comes in to ask if she should really be doing all that working out. Oh and Chloe has a scar now. I guess it was hidden by her outfit last time. Anyway Chloe says she has energy to burn but Dov doesn’t get her double meaning and gives her a peck on the lips before scurrying away.

In the break room, Swarek saves Andy from some terrible coffee from the precinct machine because he brought her a cup, like friends do. Because they’re friends now. Totally just friends. He asks about her Rookie and she says she’s not having the best time. They then have some adorable flirtatious banter…like friends. Definitely just friends.

Oliver tells his team that they’re going into a neighborhood that needs a little extra police presence, but Diaz wouldn’t know that because he strolled in a little late. After the meeting, Chloe pulls Nick aside and asks him to find out why she and Dov haven’t “mingled limbs” since the accident. Nick agrees to try to find out why, even though he looks like he’d rather go through his Fight Night beat down again, because it’s hard to resist Chloe’s desperate, manic, puppy dog eyes.


In Oliver’s office, Andy tries to find a way to tell Oliver that Duncan is kind of the worst but ends up second-guessing her instinct and blaming herself for his failings. So Oliver tells her to try loosening up on him and seeing if he will surprise her and actually be good at his job. Seems risky considering their line of work, but I guess if Rookies were never given second chances, we’d have an entirely different cast of characters on our hands.

RB 504-2I, too, have had it up to there with Duncan.

In Gail’s squad car, Diaz is acting squirrely and he says it’s because he’s jacked up on caffeine since he had a late night last night, wink wink nudge nudge. Diaz says maybe Gail should try getting back on the horse but Gail says she never got off hers. Diaz is confused; he thought Gail and Holly broke up. Gail insists they didn’t…she just doesn’t talk to Holly anymore. That obviously doesn’t mean they’re broken up. And hopefully Holly understands Gail Logic well enough by now that she also knows this.

RB 504-3Hey. You save your smiles for Holly, young lady.

Diaz says he wishes he was cold like Gail and Gail looks like she wishes she could cold-clock him. He asks if it’s a lesbian thing, being able to detach emotionally like that, and she responds by aiming for a pothole, causing Diaz’s coffee to spill all over him.

Andy lets her Rookie drive on the way to call about a dead guy in a stairwell, but when they get there, the gunshot victim isn’t actually dead. Andy sends him for the medic kit but he seems a little too hesitant for someone who is supposed to have McNally’s back. On the way to find his next of kin to take them to the hospital, the Rookie is being judgy and saying that since this guy has a rap sheet, despite having kept his nose clean for ten years, he probably had it coming. Andy is a lot calmer in her requests for him to open his mind and telling him that people have the capacity for change, because I would have been shouting it at him.

Meanwhile, Nick and Dov are going door to door in the apartment building, and Nick awkwardly tries to ask about Dov and Chloe’s sex life. Dov doesn’t bite, but Nick doesn’t push it because he’s never been so uncomfortable in his whole handsome life.

Chris and Gail are on a different floor, also canvassing neighbors for information. And by that I mean Diaz is going door to door while Gail eats an apple and watches. They split up because Diaz has enough energy to burn to take the one flight down but Gail will happily wait for the elevator I imagine it’s kind of hard to move wearing a uniform jacket that’s twice your own body weight. She goes to throw out her apple when she notices a laundry room door slightly ajar so she goes to check it out. Inside, she finds a woman bleeding out on the floor. She runs to her and tries to calm her down, and the only thing the woman says is, “Sophie” over and over. Gail pleads with the woman to stay calm and look at her, assuring her with comforting words.

RB 504-4I don’t know about you, but I feel very comforted.

Andy and the Rookie show up at the first vic’s address and find a little boy home alone, who says he lives with his dad and grandmother, but his grandmother is at work. Andy tells him that his father is in the hospital and they take him down to the precinct.

The grandmother meets them down at the station and Andy sends Rookie Duncan (after a few very obvious hints) to get the kid, Marcus, a drink from the vending machine while Andy asks the grandmother for information about the vic. Duncan is not particularly great with kids and insults the poor boy for wanting grape juice instead of root beer. But Marcus comes right back at him and tells Duncan that he has little girl hands.

While the boy was distracted, Andy finds out from the grandmother that the vic does electrical work in the building. She radios this information to the cops still in the building and they conform that there are tools still in the electrical room and it seems likely he could have been an innocent bystander.

The woman in the laundry room also looks like it could have been accidental collateral, since it seemed like the gunshot came down through the vent. They break into the apartment above to find another vic, this one dead on the floor, with a packet of heroin shoved in his mouth. The skull on the packet indicates a local gang, which means a cease fire that had been in place has officially come to a halt.

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