“Defiance” recap 2.3: Big Bad Little Wolf



Previously on Defiance, Amanda Rosewater got herself addicted to the Blue Devil trying to cope with losing Kenya and the mayorship and Nolan all in one lousy afternoon. Stahma took over the Tarr empire by explaining to Alak that she had always been in charge of the Tarr empire. Irisa got afflicted with some bloodlust by her ghost twin, who kept popping up in the shadows, goading her into killing people. And Mayor Pottinger sawed off Doc Yewell’s finger after she refused to tell him what was in the secret safe in her office.

Alak’s new part time jockey at the Arch radio station just happens to be his father’s favorite night porter, and so of course she tries to goad Alak into beating the shit out of her like his dad used to do. Alak’s not very interested in violence, or sexytimes with someone who isn’t his wife, so he brushes her off, until she surprises him by saying it’s common knowledge that he killed Skeever for trying to kill his mom with a worm bomb. Alak shoves her against the wall and explains violently that he is not violent like his father and to prove how not violent he is, he will toss her from the Arch if she mentions Skeever again. And then he skips out to go have family dinner with his mom at Christie and Rafe’s house.

As soon as Stahma walks in the door, she sniffs that Christie is pregnant and it’s a grand old celebration. Even Bertie is on the phone, cheering and calling herself “Nana” — until Irisa drags her into a dark alleyway and like chews out her heart. Yes, she’s still serial killing. She actually tried to stop herself this time by handcuffing herself to some pipes, but her evil twin did evil dark magics and made her kill Bertie. But the McCawleys don’t know that right now. They’re too busy celebrating Christie’s and Alak’s baby. (And by “celebrating,” I mean Rafe tells Alak to stop the “gangster crap” for good or he’s going to have him beaten to actual death.)

Out at Camp Reverie, Datak asks Doc Yewell how her finger’s feeling and she literally says, “Feels like someone cut it off.” What a galactic treasure that woman is. Datak turns the conversation back to himself, of course, and whines for an hour about how he doesn’t want to think Stahma is letting him rot in here on purpose, but he’s pretty sure Stahma is letting him rot in here on purpose. His suspicions are confirmed when Alak shows up for a friendly visit and also to let him know he’ll be checking out of the family business now due to being a father and everything. Datak hisses at him like an angry house cat and asks for confirmation that Stahma is as HBIC as he thinks she is. Alak confirms. Datak hisses more. Alak is all, “Ugh, die in here already, jerk.” And Datak is all:


When the McCawley’s come a-callin’ down at the police station because Bertie is missing, Irisa and Nolan spring into action. They hit up Pottinger’s office to question him because obviously he hates the McCawley’s, but he assures them he didn’t do it and offers to do some in-town recon with Nolan while Irisa and Berlin check out CCTV. Berlin uses the time with Irisa to talk about how Tommy is her boyfriend now and Irisa must be so sad about it and also stay away from him. Pottinger does the same with Nolan, only about Amanda. Both Amanda and Nolan just roll their eyes about how this is so high school.


And then Irisa blows up the CCTV room with her mind.

Over at the Tarr’s, Alak skulks in feeling crappy about his crappy dad, but Stahma sits him down and presents him with Datak’s charge blade and tells him he’ll have something to protect now that he’s got a baby on the way, and also, “Your father can never get out of prison.”Alak is all:


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