“Degrassi” recap (13D.35): Hypnotize


In the past two episodes of Degrassi, “How Bizarre” and “My Hero,” Imogen has played the part of the loyal friend and trusted advisor. When Mr. Hollingsworth fired Drew for comforting his wife with a hug, Imogen told Drew that he was wrongfully terminated and advised him to fight for his job. Drew did, and although he didn’t get his job back, he did get a settlement, a positive reference and a list of Mr. Hollingsworth’s business contacts so that Drew and Dallas could start their party planning business together after graduation.

Becky was feeling ostracized by her family, so to combat the loneliness, she got lost in an RPG called “Realm of Doom.” Imogen warned Becky about getting too obsessed with the game, but also supported Becky’s blossoming online romance by helping her pick out a dress for her online “date.”

Imogen supports Becky

Finally, this week, Imogen gets a storyline all her own!

Imogen (once again wearing a sleeveless collared shirt) and Becky are co-coordinating the Student Council First Annual Fundraiser Fashion show. The BFFs audition models and MC’s together and review their to-do list, but while Imogen is supposed to be designing all the formal wear, she is instead gazing longingly at Jack by the window across the room. Becky catches Imogen running her pencil over the drawing of Jack’s lips and then is surprised to discover that, in fact, all the sketches in Imogen’s sketchbook are of Jack. There’s not a dress in sight. Although, Becky is a tad bit annoyed that Imogen is pining over Jack when she is supposed to be working on the fashion show, she is more than happy to help her friend with her romantic troubles.

Becky asks Imogen why she is pining over Jack from a distance when she’d already given the would-be couple the green light weeks ago. Aren’t things progressing between the two of them?

Niamh WilsonNiamh Wilson as Jack

Imogen laments that although they had a super romantic slow dance at the semi-formal, nothing has happened since. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. (Well, except for some cute flirting three episodes ago in “Enjoy the Silence.”) When Becky tells Imogen that she simply must ask Jack out on a date, Imogen refuses out of fear. What if Jack says no? But Becky won’t take no for an answer. She pulls Imogen out of her seat and pushes her in front of Jack saying, “Living in fear is not living at all. Grow some ovaries!”

Jack looks up from her book to see Imogen and Becky awkwardly standing in front of her. After a nudge from Becky, Imogen asks Jack to go out with her that night. Bummer. Jack already has a thing.

“Maybe I can go with you,” Imogen blurts out, and then instantly regrets it. But Imogen inviting herself along doesn’t faze Jack. She was going to ask Imogen to join her anyway. She offers to text Imogen the details and then walks off with a sly smile. You can already tell that this girl is a player.

Hours later, Imogen shows up to a dance studio with a perky bow on top of her long brown hair but isn’t immediately able to pick out Jack from the crowd, apparently because her hair is also down. When Lucy, another dancer at the studio, points Jack out on the dance floor, Imogen is mesmorized by Jack’s moves. Lucy offers Imogen a hit on her joint, which Imogen declines, then asks Imogen if she goes to school with Jack. Imogen confirms that she does and Lucy asks if all the girls at Degrassi are in love with Jack, too.

Imogen with bow

Imogen answers, “I don’t know. Why?”

“Just wondering what her dating situation is like at school. I mean, look at her, who wouldn’t want to go out on a date with her?”

Good point. This Thora Birch look-alike is especially attractive when she is dancing. And it seems like Imogen isn’t the only one who thinks so.

Jack finishes her routine and joins Jack and Lucy who vie for her attention. Jack takes a toke from Lucy’s joint and promises to get her back the next time, suggesting that this isn’t the first time that Jack and Lucy have gotten high together. Jack offers the joint to Imogene but Lucy interjects informing Jack that Imogen doesn’t smoke.

“I didn’t say that,” Imogen announces.

“Hey, no pressure” Jack responds.

“No, I want to.”

“OK then, open your mouth,” Jack says and then she takes a drag from the joint, places her hands on either side of Imogene’s head and blows smoke in her face for Imogene to inhale.

Jack and Imogen

Although Imogen jokes about “toking reefer on the daily,” it’s clear that she soon becomes really high. However, she is with it enough to come up with an excuse to get Jack all to herself. When Lucy invites Jack and Imogen out to catch a bite to eat with the rest of the gang, Imogen requests that the two of them stay at the studio a bit longer so Jack can teacher her some dance moves. Jack agrees and puts on some slow dance music. Finally alone, Jack and Imogene flirt, dance and tumble to the floor before sharing their first kiss.



After the kiss, Imogen’s munchies kicks in. She looks deeply into Jacks eyes and says, “Jack, I just really want…nachos! I don’t know why!” And the moment dissolves into giggles. All the giddiness is cut short, however, when Imogen shows up late to school the next day. Not only did Imogen miss all her classes, she didn’t finish her sketches for the fashion show. Becky is especially furious when she finds out that part of the reason that Imogen stayed up too late and overslept was because she was smoking pot. Imogen apologizes to Becky, but something tells me things will get worse for the friends before they get better.

What do you think? Is Imogen prioritizing her crush over her friend? How far will Imogen go to impress Jack?

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