“Wentworth” recap (2.6): Enter the Pink Dragon


Previously on Wentworth, Franky Doyle’s quest to remain Top Dog cost a Korean inmate her life, and Boomer a lot of garden shed blowjobs. Joan, for whatever reason, was convinced that Bea would make a better prison boss, but Bea was all about her side quest of killing Brayden Holt. To this end, she recruited Simone to hire a contract killer, totally unaware that the Holts had also asked Simone to kill Bea.

The first shot this week is the unintentionally hilarious face of Skye, high as a club kid, doing a pretty good reenactment of the “Ray of Light” video.


The bad news is that she’s on the prison roof and convinced that she can fly. Will pulls her to safety before she puts those R. Kelly lyrics to the test, but it alerts Joan to the presence of drugs. She leans on Liz to tell her where the drugs are coming from, but even though Liz is plagued by a guilty conscience, she still won’t violate the sacred bonds of prison sisterhood and turn in Franky. She does, however, go to Franky and try to appeal to her better nature.


She asks Franky to consider how she might feel if Skye had actually jumped, but the only person who was really successful at guilt-tripping her was Erica, and she’s gone now. (I, for one, would have been relieved to say goodbye to Skye, since she reminds me of a less charming Pennsatucky.)

In her office, Joan becomes convinced that Simone’s husband is the source of the drugs, since he’s been visiting so often lately. I think this plot is ridiculous for two reasons:

  1. Joan is always portrayed as watching the goings-on in Wentworth like a slightly pervy hawk; it is her knowledge of their dynamics that made her seize upon Bea. So it’s ridiculous for her to think that Simone would suddenly be working for Franky, her mortal enemy. If you want to make Joan a convincing villain, you can’t make her so inept.
  2. How has it failed to occur to anyone that Franky’s whole crew have ample opportunity to smuggle in drugs from the dude prisoners in the garden?

Speaking of the garden, Frankie complains to craggy-face about the bad drugs he sold her that had such a bad affect on Skye (although she looked like she was having the time of her life). He promises that the next batch will be a special brand known as Pink Dragon. I will be conducting an informal poll in the comments section about whether Pink Dragon should be a new nickname for Franky or vaginas in general.


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