She Made Me Watch This! “Lipstick Jungle” pilot, “South of Nowhere” season premiere, and more


Leading off the first segment of our video blog this weekend, Lori and I detail
the many reasons we hated the pilot Lipstick
(NBC), the mid-season drama from Sex and the City‘s
Candace Bushnell that stars Lindsay Price, Brooke Shields,
and Kim Raver as high-powered business women who “aren’t
looking for Mr. Big, they are Mr. Big” (we wish!).

Then we discuss the latest episodes of Damages
(FX), The Closer (TNT), and
The Best Years
(The N),
the South of Nowhere (The N) season
premiere, and what we’d do if we had Ashley’s $12.5 million inheritance.

She Made Me Watch This: TV ROUNDUP (August
18, 2007)

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