“Defiance” recap (2.1): Stahma Tarr, Head Bitch in Charge


And finally, Stahma Tarr decides to drop all pretense and reveal herself as the actual HBIC of this goddamn family and this goddamn town. First, she visits Datak in prison and tries to ease his worries about the family business by explaining how good Alak is at being gangster. Also she tries to ease his worries by giving him a handy through the fence. The guard shuts them down because even though it’s the future and the world has gone to shit, there’s still NO TOUCHING in jail. Since Datak doesn’t get off with Stahma, he tries to get Doc Yewell to finish the job later that night. She’s in jail with him and she’s figured a way to escape because of course she has. But she needs Datak’s help. He agrees because he’s tired of having to wrassle the other prisoners for scraps of food.

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Ah, but Stahma. Stahma, Stahma, Stahma. After visiting Datak at the prison yard, she goes back to the Tarr lair, where Alak and his buddies are playing poker and crafting vinyl records. One of their alien ecstasy makers drops by to say he won’t have the promised shipment ready for a few more days, even though he got his payment up front. Alak is chill about it, but Stahma overhears from her office and is so very not. Later, Alak finds her bathing alone and tells her to stop doing that and masturbating in there without her son or husband because it’s effing weird. She smiles and demures and Alak thinks he’s the man of this house.

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And. I mean. He is. But that don’t mean shit because Stahma has the drug dealer pummeled which sends Alak into fits of hysteria about how he’s in charge and men don’t take orders from women. Well, Stahma has had it. She tells him it’s time for some straight talk and the straight talk is: he’s weak like his father is weak, and when it comes time to open the airlock and push your fiance out into space or call on some thugs to beat down a dealer, a lady’s gotta do what a lady’s gotta do. And what this lady’s got to do is throw off the chains of the patriarchy and rule the world.  She says Alak will now be obeying her exact orders and he says OK because she is towering over him like a fire-eyed Gandalf.

She grins and goes back to her knitting.

All in all, a triumphant return! So many new questions: Is Irisa a psycho or is she … something else? Is Kenya really dead? When’s Doc Yewell going to come on out? How bad do Amanda and Stahma want to do it with each other? Something something Atherton something Pottinger something something dudes something E-Rep? I don’t know, but I’m excited to find out!

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