Sabra knows she can dance


Last night the unthinkable happened. My top choice actually won a television competition! In some bizarre twist of fate that will likely not be repeated for

the next two hundred years, America got it right by voting Sabra Johnson their favorite dancer.

I’d love to be as generous as EW‘s recapper Adam B. Vary and claim that any result would have been

okay with me, but my position on Team Sabra was cemented when

she did her “Waiting on the World to Change” solo during the controversial anti-war week.

Not only did that scream put everyone else’s to shame, but Sabra stood out on a night when each contestant danced the same routine, to the same song, in the same t-shirt

(well, maybe not exactly the same t-shirt — that would have been cruel, as these folks work up quite a sweat).

I could rave on and on about why Sabra was my favorite (because she’s incredibly talented and adorable to boot), or why I think So You Think You Can Dance

is far and away the best reality competition going these days (because nobody gets robbed,

unlike some singers do), but instead I’ll let the clips do the talking.

First, the quickstep — all the more amazing because Sabra was having a rough time of it during rehearsals:

Next, the ’80s power lunch “Boardroom” dance (to “Sweet Dreams” no less!):

(Incidentally, that particular dance was chosen by Mia Michaels

to be recreated during the finale, and I find her taste all the more reason to swoon — as though the excellent choreography, funky haircuts and general vibe weren’t enough.)

And at last, the Sabra-Lacey jazz dance. Not a favorite with the judges, but I loved watching it both because of the intricate choreography and because

of the chance to see two women dancing together on TV, which remains a rarity. Check it out:

So, any other members of Team Sabra out there? What were your favorite routines? And do you agree that her sass and energy should be bottled and sold?

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