Politics after 90: Granny D goes to Washington and HBO


As Indecision 2008 heats up (and up and up), I’ve been wondering if we’ll start to see more of Doris Haddock, aka Granny D, the nonagenarian who first made major headlines by walking across the country to support campaign finance reform. (Truth in reporting: She was only an octogenarian when that journey began, so it can’t have been too tough, right?)

Since Granny D was active in the 2006 elections, I suspect she’ll be making some noise soon, but HBO viewers will also be able to relive the good ol’ days of her unlikely (and unfortunately unsuccessful) run for the Senate in 2004. The cable channel just picked up Marlo Poras’ documentary Run Granny Run and plans to broadcast the film on Oct. 18 and then again on Election Day, Nov. 6. Run will also be released on DVD by Arts Alliance America.

I haven’t been able to pin down Granny D’s stance on gay marriage — typical politician! (if only) — but judging by her frustration with the way that society conducts “witch hunts” based on income, religion or sexual orientation, I think she’s quite all right. In addition to her focus on campaign finance, corporate reform and environmental justice, she talks a lot of simple, old-fashioned sense about community and kindness. Just don’t call her nice: “I am not a nice old lady,” clarifies the woman whose memoir is titled You’re Never Too Old to Raise a Little Hell.

You’ll have to wait until October to see the film, as no clips are circulating that I can find, but until then you can visit GrannyD.com to read texts of her speeches. AfterEllen.com columnist Kim Ficera recently mentioned the let-down following Obama’s famous speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, but Granny D doesn’t seem to be letting anyone down, and she’s got me inspired.

What about you, readers? Anyone out there wearing a virtual “Vote Granny D” badge?

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