Hailing frequencies open, Uhura joins “Heroes”


As the search for a new Uhura gets underway, the original has signed on to a new gig.

Nichelle Nichols has been enlisted to join the ever expanding cast of Heroes for the upcoming season. Soon the cast of the show’s sophomore season will be large enough to staff the whole of Starfleet Command, which is good considering they keep stealing crew members from the starship Enterprise. You Heroes aficionados will remember that George Takei of Sulu fame made an appearance last season as Hiro’s father. Clearly the folks in charge of Heroes have managed to locate a functioning transporter, however, as they have managed to beam Sylar onto the newest version of the infamous starship.

Nichols has signed on for a limited engagement to play grandmother to Monica, one of the new genetically advantaged recruits. Nichols’ character, with the ever-so-original name Nana, will be based in New Orleans and will reportedly appear in five or six episodes of the newest story line. Her granddaughter is being played by Dana Davis, formerly of The Nine.

No word yet on Nana’s place in the action or whether she will have any powers of her own. She should definitely have a Bluetooth headset. After all, Nichols did inspire the technology.

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