“Faking It” recap (1.3): Gandhi up in this bitch


Previously on Faking It, Amy and Karma were crowned homecoming queens, Karma launched a stealth campaign to make Liam fall in love with her, by force if necessary, and Amy came out to her mom.  The main thing that bothers me about this episode is that this major development in Amy’s life is barely mentioned. We get one line, about how making her mom and Bruce uncomfortable is the silver lining to Amy’s faking it experience, and then go straight to an episode-long gag about high school protests.  And while there’s nothing wrong with a good gag (a joke perhaps better suited to TheBacklot), when you start jettisoning character arcs in the name of convenience, you follow in the footsteps of Glee. 

So, back at Hester High, Karma and Amy are doing homework on the quad (a college thing that writers always try and impose on high school shows) while Amy begs Karma to sing her new song.  FYI: Katie Stevens, who plays Karma, got her big break on American Idol, so when I heard that she would be singing this week, it reeked of contractual obligation to me.  But it is awfully adorable how Amy teases her, like Karma’s songs are their Special Thing.  Karma silences her by leaning over and giving her a long kiss.  Now wait just one second, show, you cannot smother my legitimate complaints about this episode with gratuitous PDA.


EXCEPT, except, you guys, Karma is only kissing Amy so she can Instagram it and make Liam jealous/aroused.

Amy: How is flaunting our relationship supposed to make Liam fall in love with you?

Karma: Reverse psychology!

Amy: But maybe, you know, tricks and love potions aren’t the way to get someone to love you.  Maybe they just love you because of your smile and your little songs and the way you look when you’re sleeping.  Just a thought.

Karma: Well, those haven’t made anyone but you love me so far.

Amy: WHAT? Me, love you? Love your FACE, more like.  Wow, that came out wrong. 

Karma voices the concern that maybe Amy isn’t reaping the benefits of their situation, proving at last that Karma does recognize the existence of Feelings beside her own.  She even helpfully suggests that Amy go out and get her own secret boyfriend, namely this Yukon Trail-looking motherfucker.


He is involved with a school-wide protest against Skwerkle, a tech company that wants to make a massive donation to Hester in exchange for access to all the students’ private communications.   This throws the student body into a massive uproar. Liam protests because he is deeply committed to appearing to be deeply committed to social justice, and Karma protests because she is deeply committed to impressing Liam.  The thing is—and everyone who attended college is familiar with this phenomenon—the reasons for protesting are totally valid; it’s merely the execution that is theatrically ridiculous.  The best thing about this episode is the push and pull inherent to protests: the evil corporation trying to buy off ideals for profit, opposed by the privileged teenagers, too distracted by their own hunger and lust to make any meaningful change.

Speaking of lust, Liam is distracted from Karma by the appearance of Soleil, a student who primarily takes Independent Studies in Eye-Fucking and Slam Poetry.  Instantly overshadowed by Soleil’s sultriness, Karma pipes up “WELL I’M A LESBIAN, IF ANYBODY CARES” in an effort to earn some counterculture bona fides.


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