“Chicago Fire” recap (2.20): Just a scratch


Previously on Chicago Fire, Rafferty got suspended so Dawson could have a job to come back to after she failed her firefighter’s test. Herrmann passed the lieutenant’s exam. Casey wants to marry Dawson and Dawson wants to be a firefighter. Shay was close to death at least a dozen times.

Herrmann is called into the principal’s office so Boden can tell him that do-gooders, Casey and Dawson, are doing some charity nonsense so Rafferty is covering for Dawson, and Herrmann is the acting lieutenant for the day. Herrmann freaks because he hasn’t prepared. He’s not even wearing is superhero underroos for the day. Boden gives him a look and Herrmann goes back to saying, “Yes, sir. Right away, sir.”

Casey and Dawson are volunteering at a fun run (Dawson runs, Casey hands out T-shirts) to benefit the hospital. Kim, one of the Chicago P.D. folks crossing over, is struggling with the tent poles and Casey saunters over to help out. She has her niece, Zoe, with her. She adorable so I am already waiting for her impending doom when another girl Imogene comes up and says hi. Her sister is Holly, the new pediatrician. Dawson welcomes the fine doctor and then leaves to get registered for the race.

CF 2201

Dawson runs into Dr. Arata, the guy from the major train trauma who offered to help her be a doctor back when being a doctor was her lifelong dream. He doesn’t remember her because he’s a surgeon and he has things like “saving lives” to worry about. It’s weird that surgeons have a reputation for being complete assholes, because this guy is charming. Thankfully, Kendra walks up and, like any good lesbian, is more than happy to help Dawson find anything she wants.

Outside, Casey leaves the tent to go looking for Dawson. The little girls run past him carrying balloons and he calls out to them a second before a massive bomb explodes. They show people bloody, one guy without legs, and general chaos. Casey gets up after knocking his Humpty Dumpty noggin on the ground and starts looking around. He finds Zoe and Imogene lying on the ground. Kim and Holly rush over and Casey starts setting up triage under one of the tents since the ER got blown to smithereens. Herrmann looks like he’s going to ralph as they roll up to the scene. Holly runs by and tells Rafferty to start unloading the ambulance. Hmm do we think they know each other from Rafferty’s residency?

Casey puts on his turnouts and fills everyone in on the big boom. The Chief asks where Dawson is and Casey is like, “Oh, right, I have a girlfriend.” They get busy trying to save people. Mills is the bomb expert on Squad so he pronounces that it looks like a car bomb. Boden sends Mills and Cruz to look for a second bomb. Try not to get blown up, fellas.

CF 2202

Shay, Rafferty, and Holly hurry into the tent to check on the girls. Zoe is getting worse. Holly and Shay head inside to see if they can find a CT scanner while Rafferty and Kim stay behind. Imogene reaches out and tells Zoe to squeeze the pain into her, she can take it. Flight attendants will now be passing through the aisles with tissues for anyone who might need them.

The guys sift through the rubble and pull victims out while trying to find Dawson. Casey sees Dr. “I’m busy saving lives” and asks if he’s seen Dawson. He tells Casey he left her at the nurse’s station. Severide assures Casey there is plenty of rubble to look through and they’ll find Dawson. Casey calls out, “Are you there Gaby? It’s me, Matty.” but then he remembers he should probably look for other people too and is like “OK, whatever, anyone else need help or something?”

Holly is picking her way through the rubble and Shay is smart enough to walk behind her so she can check out her ass. Sure, it’s a disaster, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a gander at the fine doctor. A chunk of concrete falls from the sky but misses our little lesbian Isaac Newton. She dives out of the way and impales herself on some rebar. Really, Shay? Really! You can’t even walk without getting hurt. She tells Holly it’s just a little scratch. Shay, we’ve all lied to a pretty girl to impress her, but for Pete’s sake this is not the time to play Black Knight. It’s not just a flesh wound!

CF 2203

Cruz and Mills are combing the parking deck for another car bomb when another group of firefighters arrive to help out. Mills finds a rental car with a very suspicious blanket in the back. Cruz busts through the window but the blankets are just covering up a load of crap.

Inside the hospital Holly and Shay find a CT scanner and Shay radios Rafferty to let her know. Rafferty wants Imogene to stay put but she’s not having any of that. She and Zoe are best friends already and she’s not leaving her side. She says, “There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a 12-foot mountain troll or getting nearly blown up is one of them.”

CF 2204

Kendra is freaking out because the place is about to cave in around her. Casey spots some guys who are wheeling a gurney out and just running over other people to do it. Casey tries to stop them until one threatens to shoot him. While they argue the ceiling comes down on the guy on the gurney. He’s having a terrible day. Casey is OK but the guy with the gun starts yelling at Severide. Apparently, gurney guy is an ambassador from Syria and if he’s dead… yeah, Severide doesn’t really give a crap. While Capp and Tony take the guy to another part of the hospital Casey comes up with the brilliant plan to hop under the rubble without his helmet to look for Dawson. Severide says, “That’s the most dangerous plan you’ve made so far. I’m totally in!”

Shay has found herself a bathroom and is about to do her best Richard Kimball impression (hopefully she’ll skip the Just For Men hair dye). She checks the gaping hole in her abdomen, pulls out a couple of Elmo band-aids and patches herself up.

CF 2205

Zoe is going to have a CT scan so everyone steps out. While Holly cleans up Imogene’s face, Rafferty tells Shay that Dawson is missing. Shay wants to look for her but Rafferty reminds her that they have a job to do. Besides, it’s eggshell-skull Casey you want down in the shifting rubble, right? Rafferty you might want to spend less time staring at Shay’s lips if you don’t want all of us to know you’re a big gaymo. Holly, Shay, and Rafferty run off to help some more people and leave Imogene to chill on a couch which I’m sure is super calming to a kid who has been through a major trauma. Well done, responsible adults.

Herrmann is joking with Kendra who isn’t having any of his bullshit today, thank you very much. He calls her lady, and she tells him it’s Dr. Lady to him. They rescue her without Herrmann getting a knee in the nuts, so we’ll call it a win. Mills and Cruz have found the second bomb. Too bad the bomb squad stopped at Starbucks and won’t be there for another ten minutes. Boden busts ass over to the parking deck to check it out.

Severide and Casey are in the rubble looking for Gaby, and I guess anyone else who might need help. Severide tells Casey they are going to have to back out if they don’t find a space big enough to turn around. Casey wonders why Severide is trying to be smart about this plan now that they are under several tons of shifting concrete and metal. Maybe he just wants you to stare at his butt for a while, Casey. Geez!

Back in the hospital Dr. I’m Very Important and Names Mean Nothing to Me, tells Kim that Zoe’s liver was crushed and she needs surgery to fix it. He doesn’t really care that Kim isn’t Zoe’s guardian and goes ahead with the life saving. Capp, Tony and the gun toting diplomat are still carrying that guy around. They pop him on a gurney long enough for Dr. Arata to tell Capp the guy is dead and ogle the very convenient, transplant cooler one of the guys is carrying.

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