“The Good Wife” recap (5.18 & 5.19): The Sweeney House of Horrors


First, dear Good Wife readers, my apologies for not writing a recap for last week’s episode. I was on vacation and my schedule was jam packed to the gills. Having finally caught up on both episodes, the bad thing is that there’s not much Kalinda screen time these two weeks. Particularly in this week’s episode, she’s practically non-existent. The NSA spying storyline also wraps up, which actually makes me a little sad because the meta-ness of those NSA geeks gossiping about the lives of these characters was just so enjoyable. The geek who ends up bringing it all down is played by Zach Woods, also known as Gabe from The Office, and the look on his face when he first meets Alicia for the first time in the Florrick Agos elevator is priceless. He can’t even believe he’s meeting THE ALICIA FLORRICK. He flat out stares for a few seconds and then stumbles over his words, continuing to cast nervous glances her way, as if he can’t believe she’s real. We are all the NSA geek.


Also, one of the new NSA guys added on in last week’s episode was one of my favorite TV gays of all time, Marc St. James from Ugly Betty! But Governor Big had to step in and make the NSA leave him and his wife alone, ruining everything like usual. Bye, NSA geeks.


But there’s a lot of good stuff, too. Like Michael J. Fox joining Lockhart Gardner, making it officially Lockhart, Gardner, and Canning, which is a really long title but I guess not that crazy for a law firm. Will they just spray paint a C onto their stupid LG logo?


Okay, so Louis Canning isn’t always necessarily a good guy, and yeah, he’s only actually there because David Lee is trying to overpower Diane Lockhart. So those seem like bad things. But Kalinda’s hard throw of a baseball at his head when he antagonistically refers to himself as “the new Will” is the best Kalinda moment of both episodes.



And Diane Lockhart’s epic eye rolls and snarly unimpressed faces when he starts describing his neurological condition to the staff! You’re killin’ me, Smalls! She then interrupts him to ask David Lee, “Dear god, are we really going to put the Fox in Will’s position?” Michael J. Fox jokes! Good Wife writers, you are too much sometimes.



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