“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.19): Check the Closet


Previously on Once Upon A Time, everyone ended up back in Storybrooke with a year missing from their memories, and Zelena set out to turn back time; a plan which involves stealing courage, brains, a heart, and a baby.

We open in the Enchanted Forest, with a hooded figure riding a horse urgently towards Castle Charming. In said castle, Evil Cleavage is out in full force.

OUAT 319-1

Regina is NOT PLEASED because the Charmings want to gather together the entire Enchanted Forest together to announce the pregnancy. The hooded figure turns out to be Belle, who comes to tell them about Rumple absorbing Neal and Zelena having the dagger. Aurora takes this opportunity to say maybe Snow should not mention her baby. Partially because she doesn’t want anyone to steal her pregnancy thunder, but mostly because Zelena mentioned something about stealing her baby once it was born.

As a thank you for squealing, Zelena flies in and turns Aurora and her Prince into flying monkeys. Zelena fondles Snow White’s belly and says she’ll get her, my pretty, and her little babe, too.

OUAT 319-2

The Fairytale Characters of the Round Table reminisce about the last time someone wanted Snow White’s baby, which causes Robin Hood to wonder aloud why Regina is there at all. Regina nearly throws a tantrum, reminding him that she’s helping. While they’re on the subject, she doesn’t trust him, either. They bicker like children on a playground.

In present-day Storybrooke, Regina and Robin Hood are doing the opposite of bickering. Regina asks Robin what he sees in her, and, I mean, he has EYES, so… Robin Hood then asks what we’ve all been wondering: If she doesn’t have a heart, how can she feel anything? She says she can still feel, just not as deeply as she can with it.

Henry walks in on them making out and Regina gets all embarrassed and is glad for the first time that he doesn’t know she’s his mother.

Regina walks into the Team Charming meeting, looking smitten. Emma wonders who the hell is getting Regina to smile like that besides her.

OUAT 319-3Not impressed.
The topic of the agenda today: How did Zelena cast a curse that requires sacrificing the thing she loves the most when she doesn’t love a damn thing?

The only solution they can think of is that they need their memories back. They all look to Emma, the Savior. Emma has no idea what they want her to do—she already believes in magic, AND she tried kissing Henry. Regina realizes that it’s not Emma who needs to believe in magic this time, it’s Henry! And the key to getting Henry to believe is in the storybook that started it all. If only they could find it…

Somewhere across town, Zelena has Hook “The Handless Wonder” in the trunk of her car. She makes it a little more clear that kissing Emma was not a suggestion she gave him last time they spoke, but an order. If he doesn’t do it soon, Zelena is going to start killing people, starting with Henry.

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