“Orphan Black” recap (2.02): Crazy Science


Previously on Orphan Black, Amelia warned Sarah about Mrs. S with her dying breath, Mrs. S and Kira went missing, Sarah met/kissed Delphine and beat the crap out of Rachel, and the Proletheans stirred up a mess of trouble. Ah yes, and HELENA IS ALIVE!

The doctors, after presumably removing the duct tape Helena used to patch herself up before stumbling into the hospital and kindly asking for assistance, are emptying sugar packets and lollipops out of Helena’s pockets, wondering aloud how the hell she survived a bullet to the chest.

OB 202-1And they say sugar is bad for you.

Across town, Felix meets Sarah at Art’s place, annoyed that the number of not-clones in Clone Club has grown yet again. Felix takes a call, and when he says, “Kira?” Sarah snatches the phone right out of his hands. Sarah is relieved to hear from her little monkey and asks where she is; Kira doesn’t know, but she’s scared. She’s calling from under a blanket and she says there’s a weird man there. What she doesn’t mention is that by “weird” she means “looks like an axe-murderer.”

Art uses his cop-skills to trace the phone call to a nearby motel. Felix is pretty sure this is a trap, but Sarah doesn’t care, she’s willing to risk it for Kira. Felix says he got new clone phones (bright green…very subtle) and he has one this time, too.

As a reminder of how little time has actually passed, it’s time for Aynsley’s funeral. They talk about her “warmth” and her book club, which she called “full contact reading.” Alison didn’t catch any of that, though. She’s too busy trying to ignore her neighbors and former friends who are throwing shade and blatantly whispering about her. It’s like watching someone stretch a rubber band very slowly. You know it’s either going to flip out or snap any minute, and there’s nothing you can do but flinch.

During the reception, Alison’s theatre friend, Sarah, comes up to her and gives her a big hug, telling her that haters gonna hate and she’s allowed to mourn her friend however she needs to. Theatre Sarah is a very intense person who makes a lot of eye contact and has zero sense of personal space, but she has a big heart. Alison’s children, who haven’t been properly parented in a while, decide to steal some flowers from Aynsley’s arrangements. Donnie, being helpful for once in his life (and probably terrified of Alcohol-free Alison), says he’ll handle it and ushers the kids away. Alison realizes she’s holding Donnie’s coat and finds his phone in the pocket. Donnie has been getting texts from A that say things like “placate her” and “she makes her own decisions.” Alison realizes exactly what this means and chugs the first glass of wine she can get her hands on.

On a farm somewhere, the Proletheans are having a casual conversation about Helena while man-in-charge Pastor Henrick sticks his hand ALL UP INSIDE A COW. I’m a city girl, born and raised, but I used some context clues, and I think he was inseminating the cow. He says God can take it from here. The meeting of science and religion. Anyway, they call Helena “the twin sister of the mother” and task Mark, a young-ish member of the cult of the flying fish, with taking her from the hospital.

At the DYAD, Cosima has been called into the principal’s office. Leekie thinks she was conspiring with Sarah in the events that lead to Rachel Duncan’s beatdown, but Delphine assures him that Sarah is wily enough to do it on her own—she even stole Leekie’s passcard right off him! Cosima forgets her poker face in a moment of sisterly pride.

OB 202-2Kleptomania runs in the family.

Cosima swears she is not in cahoots with Sarah, and not to worry, she doesn’t even trust her anyway. They change the subject to Cosima’s new lab, where she’ll be working during her stay at the DYAD. Cosima is trying to play it cool, but Delphine is flailing under the pressure of having two of her exes in the same room, both of whom she’s keeping things from. She keeps cheerfully saying things to ease the tension. Lab! Research! Crazy science!

OB 202-3I think Leekie gets it, Delphine. You only have eyes for Cosima.

When Art and Felix get to the motel Kira’s call came from, the clerk confirms that there was a man and a girl there, but there was no woman with them, which means no Mrs. S. Sarah finds a drawing of Kira’s in the room, so they know they’re on the right track. Somehow, Daniel shows up and crashes the search party, so Art goes out to distract him. Art had told Sarah to stay put, but we all know how good she is at doing what she’s told. Sarah finds a little scarf, then a tiny sock, then another tiny sock, and follows the trail of clothes like breadcrumbs into a laundry/garage situation.

The car in the garage has a popped trunk, so Sarah inches towards it, afraid of what she might see. What she DOESN’T see, however, is the man who sneaks up behind her, covers her mouth, and tells her to shut up and get in. After a bit of driving, the man stops in the middle of the road and lets Sarah out of the trunk, her hands zip-tied, probably regretting that time she shoved Helena in her own trunk. The Werid Man pulls out a knife and she freaks the freak out, kicking and whaling on him until Mrs. S appears and grabs her from behind.

Mrs. S calls the man Benjamin, apologizes for her foster daughter’s behavior, and lets him cut her loose. He bids her adieu as if they just had a cuppa and Sarah and I are very confused.

OB 202-4Sarah’s hair expresses my confusion perfectly.

Sarah follows Mrs. S and her rifle down the road and Sarah speaks with the voice of the fandom when she asks her whose side she’s on. Mrs. S says she’s on Sarah’s side. She’s always been on Sarah’s side. And oh how we want to believe her.

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