“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.21): Lemon Heart


Last week on Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina was robbed of a Harper Avery, thus catapulting us straight into the events that will take our beloved Dr. Yang away from us. God, that’s depressing.

Meredith and Owen are on a plane heading back home to Seattle, but Cristina is nowhere to be found. Meredith is both pissed off about the Averys and worried about her person and Owen tries to get them to delay takeoff. Alas, Cristina is a no show so they fly home without her. Derek is getting the kids ready for the day when there is a knock at the door. His sister Amy has shown up unexpectedly and walks in the MerDer Mansion like she owns the place. Didn’t they teach you any manners over at Private Practice, Amy? She tells Derek that her boyfriend has proposed and she had a bit of a freak out. She’d like to borrow Derek’s family for a dress rehearsal to see if she’s up for this whole marriage and children thing. Derek happily leaves her in charge of the kids, and peaces out. He does warn her about Zola’s habit of sticking things up her nose. I feel you Zola. When I was a child, I got a button stuck in there. Don’t ask.


At Chez Calzona, Callie and Arizona are happily pouring over their calendars trying to plan the perfect time to have a gayby together. They are all dimples and turkey baster talk, and April has to come in and ruin it all. She buts in, giving her opinion about the schedule, prompting Callie to order her to get the hell out of her vagina. I have a feeling this is the first and last time April has even been given that type of instruction. After two days, she’s already beginning to wear out her welcome with the ladies.


It’s morning sexy times with Alex and Jo, but before they get too far into it, Jo asks why Alex is so distracted. He’s got to give Dr. Butthole and Associates an answer by the end of the day, and frankly, he’s terrified to break the news to Arizona that he’s leaving. Jo gives him some excellent advice about paying her compliments to ease the blow. If only Alex knew what a compliment was.

The Cardiomyopathy kids aren’t doing well. Little Frankie is suffering from organ damage, and Ivy is still in danger. A donor heart is on the way for Frankie, and Ivy is on the UNOS list for a heart to replace the one she’s rejecting. Jesus that’s a lot of hearts. Outside of the room, Arizona comments that she hasn’t heard from Yang, and finds a hovering Alex nearby. A smile is not a natural expression for Alex, so Arizona is already suspicious. When he compliments her hair, she knows he’s gone and done something.


As if Jackson wasn’t already wildly unpopular at the hospital, he has now been tasked to trim some of the research programs that are not bringing in fast results. Derek calls his research olly olly oxen free because he’s White House approved.

When Meredith arrives at the hospital, she runs into April, who’s concerned about Cristina. Meredith turns her rage onto April because she is technically an Avery now. This will probably end up being the highlight of April’s day.

Alex fesses up to the private practice offer, and Arizona is surprised at the short notice. He expects her to yell or gnash her teeth, but she doesn’t. There is no time, because Frankie’s new heart has arrived.

Also not doing well is Brayden, who has likely picked up a virus from his little bubble escaping caper the week prior. He is unconscious and his parents are growing increasingly upset. Bailey assures them that they are still on track for the genome procedure, but his parents are not so sure.


Dr. Russell, the head of cardio, steps in for Cristina to operate on Frankie. Just as he is about to start, Cristina shows up and takes over. He sneaks in some digs about the Harper Avery loss, while Alex and Arizona look on. Cristina sees their eyes behind their scrub masks and robotically says “It was an honor just to be nominated.” She’s devastated.

Across the country, Richard shows up at Catherine Avery’s office to whisk her away for a weekend together. She suspects that he has arrived to press her for answers about Cristina’s loss, but he denies it.

Jackson and April bump into each other, and awkwardly dance around their situation. She mentions Cristina and Jackson says that he was as shocked as the next guy that she lost. April needs to stop by the house to pick up some things, and Jackson is disappointed that she isn’t coming home for good. When April finds out about Jackson’s new task of cutting programs, she blows up at him like a regular Meredith Grey.


In the ER, April rushes to help a young man who had been walking cross country and was hit by a truck mere miles from his final destination. The patient wasn’t part of some sort of group or charity, he was pulling a Cheryl Strayed, and just wanted to commit to and follow through on something for once. Cue the April/Jackson parallels. Aren’t the docs lucky that a patient who can teach them a very specific life lesson, always manages to come in at the exact perfect moment? Unfortunately, this guy’s leg is all sorts of messed up and he needs emergency surgery.

In an x-ray room, Meredith continues to vent about Cristina’s loss. Derek listens and encourages her to let it all out. Meredith is relieved when she finds out Cristina is at the hospital, and Derek makes her smile by giving her a special gift. A Spinal schwannoma, which is not delicious meat on a stick (thank you Google) but a nasty spinal tumor. They get to share a surgery just like old times. Derek tells Meredith about Amy coming to town and taking care of the children. Meredith isn’t too crazy about a former drug addict in charge of her children, but Derek reassures her that she was a very popular character on another Shondaland show.


Callie and Jo join Owen and April in the OR for Cross Country’s surgery. In a bit of ortho hazing, Callie cuts into the patient, causing what can only be described as a bloodsplosion. Sorry about your shoes there, JoJo.

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