“Orange is the New Black” teases us with a S2 sneak peek


Get ready to throw your pies, folks. Orange is the New Black has been amping up the excitement for their brand new season dropping June 6, and a teaser of the first scene was just released.

Looks like Piper is paying the price for her smackdown on Pennsatucky in the season one finale. She’s being held in the SHU and based on her appearance and scribblings, she’s been there for a while. She’s even drawn a bird sipping from a daffodil on her wall. “She just cannot get enough,” Piper tells her CO. That is exactly how OITNB fans feel about the show, Pipes! From the sound of things, she’s being moved back into genpop, or perhaps has a visitor. Either way, Piper it’s good to see your face again, you thirsty bird, you.


This season of OITNB will focus on more of the ensemble, which is exciting news considering how much we all love Tastee, Suzanne (Crazy Eyes), Poussey and the rest of the Litchfield crew. Laura Prepon who plays fan favorite Alex Vause, recently confirmed she will be on board for four episodes this season, and the entire third season. I don’t know about you, but I’m taking June 6 off to binge on Orange is the New Black.


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