“South of Nowhere” Video Blog: Episodes 3.1 & 3.2


Taking a page from Sarah and Lori’s weekly video
about TV and movies, we’ve decided to launch a new weekly South
of Nowhere
video blog
, hosted by myself, Dara
(who joins us beginning next week), and out actress Jill
Bennett (Dante’s Cove) —
who as you can probably tell from the taunting banter, is a close friend of
mine (along with her girlfriend Jamie, who has not yet been convinced to make
an on-camera appearance).

Each Tuesday, we’ll dish, dissect, and dig into the previous Friday’s episode
of South of Nowhere. When we’re not going off on completely random
and inappropriate tangents, that is.

In other words, we’ll be doing what lesbians do best: processing. And without
random women with MTV clipboards interrupting our conversation every time it
gets good!

In this inaugural SON video blog, we cover a variety of topics, including:

  • how Ashley blew it with Spencer doing exactly what Jill says lesbians always
  • what Spencer is doing at 16 that it took me until my 30s to do
  • who Paula should hook up with (hint: it isn’t her husband)
  • why “spangs” is a better nickname than the alternative
  • why Jill doesn’t fight in a circle

This is our first video blog, and we’re learning as we go, so please bear with
us as we work out the kinks! And just to clarify (because Sarah’s making me)
— that’s soda we’re drinking in the video, not alcohol.

Now on to the video blog!

South of Nowhere Video Blog: Episode 3.1 &

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One more thing: we need a name for this new video blog! Something similar to
Scribe Grrrl’s brilliant name for her L Word podcast, “Talking
to Manatees
” (and yes, we thought about “Talking with Hairbrushes”,
but it seemed a little too obvious). Please give us your name suggestions in
the comments below…

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