TV Alert: Gearing up for Season 2 of “Orphan Black”


OK, look, I’m just going to be honest with you. I’ve seen the first episode of the second season of Orphan Black, and there is literally no way to prepare you for it.

BUT I love you guys, so I will try. I have been collecting posts and interviews and clips all week, and have enough tidbits to tide you over until tomorrow night. A lot has happened since my last information roundup; BBC America’s social media team does not mess around. If I ever go missing, send THEM the BOLO, they’ll get the message out faster and wider than any police force.

First up:


Last Saturday, the cast and creators joined Wil Wheaton, Patton Oswalt, and Orlando Jones—the three of whom I’m pretty sure were only invited because they’re superfans—to chat about Season 2. Some highlights:

1. Patton Oswalt had the appropriate fangirl response to seeing Tatiana: He tried to take off his clothes.

2. Tatiana had some really great things to say about normalizing the female lead, being proud of the show. She loves that they represent many different shades of different personalities, and don’t feel the pressure to represent every type of person.

3. Tatiana also said Cosima was the easiest for her to relate to, her passion and focus, her tendency to fall for the wrong people, and her lightness.

4. They aired a fan video by Jenna Mason-Brase that said, “I came out when I was in high school and it didn’t go well at all. Orphan Black was a rabbit hole, a window into the world I dreamed of when mine was out for blood. Thank you for letting me see that world, it has completely changed the way I think.”

5. When asked if Delphine really loved Cosima, or if it was a con, Evelyne Brochu answered, “I think she’s telling the truth. I mean, Cosima, how can you not?” Wil Wheaton and I were very relieved to hear that.

6. Evelyne also talked about how the Delphine/Cosima dynamic is much more complex in Season 2. It’s lovers, it’s coworkers, it’s patient/doctor, it’s experiment/scientist. And one of the best things is that love is love, their issue isn’t about being two women. That’s the non-issue. The issue is literally everything else.

7. When asked about their chemistry, Tatiana admitted to fangirling over Evelyne when they first met, and when Evelyne was talking about Tatiana, I swear she swooned a little.

8. In Season 2, Delphine interacts not only with Cosima, but with Rachel, and Evelyne talked about how that was different for her, saying she was comfortable with “TatianaCosima” but was a little awkward around “TatianaRachel.”

9. Tatiana credited her fellow castmates with being able to do the insanely amazing things she does. She says without them, it would be all acting with tennis balls. Which I would still watch, lezbehonest.


That stint was brief, but Tatiana is the most engaging person I’ve ever seen be interviewed, no matter who is interviewing her, no matter what she’s talking about. This time, it was about really creepy and scary German fairy tales. Also about how the difference between Canada and LA is that in LA people are talking about the boobs their dad gave them. Over the course of this interview, she spoke German and did a perfect valley girl impersonation, because SHE CAN. Also she didn’t even cringe when Conan creepily purred at her. She’s a champ.



BBC America posted a video about the real Cosima. The clone Cosima was named after a real life scientist, who acts as a consultant on the show (and also helps come up with the episode titles).

I would like to think that even if they didn’t want a scientist on a show, they would have named someone Cosima, because it’s a pretty amazing name.

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