“Chicago Fire” recap (2.19): “Ringer”


Previously on Chicago Fire, Severide decided that he was going to save Bloom whether Bloom wanted to be saved or not. Dawson and Shay went away for the weekend and Dawson spent the whole time thinking about the fight she had with Casey. Boden broke up with Hot Donna because he had some bad relationships in the past and didn’t want to hurt her with his baggage. Jones’s father thought women should be barefoot, pregnant, or behind a desk and wouldn’t let up until she quit being a firefighter. Instead, she killed herself.

Boden is giving a speech to the firehouse before they start their shift. He says that they prepare for people to get hurt or die in the line of duty. It’s not easy when it happens but they know it’s a possibility when they sign up. He wants them all to check in, take care of each other, and be on the lookout for others struggling so no one slips through the cracks again.

Severide takes the message to heart and decides to go for a ride with Capp, Mills, and Tony to visit Bloom. While Mills remarks on how it’s the nicest rehab facility he’s ever visited, Capp tries to make Bloom feel loved by mooning him when he opens the door. Stay classy, Capp. But instead of Bloom opening the door, it’s a young woman who screams at the sight of Capp’s bare ass. When Severide asks at the desk, Bloom only lasted twelve hours into his month-long program. So, not exactly the college try.

CF 2191

Casey has found his way to a jewelry store and is staring at several rings. Shay walks in and he thanks her for coming. He knows he’s moving really fast but he figures what says “I love you and support your decision to be a firefighter” like getting engaged. I’m no expert but how about saying “I love you and I support your decision to be a firefighter” and acting like you actually do? Shay nods at him like he’s a crazy person whose first fiancee died less than a year ago but agrees to look at rings anyway. She picks one right away and it’s the same one Casey chose. Before he can buy it the lady needs Dawson’s ring size. Casey doesn’t know. Shay blurts out, “Six and a half!” and then says, “I mean, I can find out because I am certainly not intimately familiar with Dawson’s fingers. Nope, not at all.”

Back at 51, Cruz wants Otis to pay his half of the cable bill. Otis balks at paying for Cruz’s football package (not a euphemism). Mouch wants to know where Clarke is and Casey says that Shay’s other lesbro has transferred. What? No good-bye, no going away party? Clarke, we’re going to miss you snarling around, getting accused of murder/arson/mayhem. Herrmann is pissed. A cop walks in and tells Dawson he has a note for her from Jones. Casey stands over her when she opens it like a regular Rufus Scrimgeour. The snitch doesn’t open when Dawson touches it. She reads the note and hurries out of the room.

CF 2192

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