“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.17): SwanQueen Magic


Previously on Once Upon A Time, Regina got out-magicked by Zelena but Zelena got out-witted by Regina, Hook became Henry’s official babysitter, and we found out the Wicked Witch wants to turn back the hands of time.

We open in the Enchanted Forest, during the Missing Year, where men on horseback are stopped by a Knight of Ni. The knight tells them that he’ll be taking the gold they are traveling with, and after a flash of showmanship, the men retreat, leaving behind their riches. The knight reveals himself to be Hook; he and his men have been land-pirating in the absence of the Jolly Roger. They take their spoils to the local bar and toast to good ol’ Captain Hook. Smee and the crew pitch in to buy Hook a whore who looks like the late Milah. A literal hooker. Once they’re outside, Hook gives her some extra money and tells her to shoo. Before he can disappear into the night, he is knocked over and pinned to the ground, with a knife to his throat. The woman who has him pinned says, “My name is Ariel and you’re going to pay for what you’ve done.”

OUAT 317-1I wouldn’t mind going full-time Enchanted Forest just for the outfits/hair.

In present-day Storybrooke, Emma and David are trying to put a crib together quite unsuccessfully. Mary Margaret, proving that pregnancy brain also works in reverse, suggests they stop wasting their time on furniture and focus on finding the Wicked Witch who is threatening the entire town. Arguably the only good idea she’s ever had in Storybrooke.

David says that the crip is a statement, a symbol of their relentless optimism, proof that they won’t back down. He says he doesn’t want to lose another baby, and Regina swoops in, saying, “Thanks to me, you won’t.” I like to believe Regina was listening outside the door for a moment waiting for the perfect time to make a dramatic entrance.

Regina has finished putting a protection spell on the Charming Loft, so Zelena shouldn’t be able to snatch up the Second Savior or whatever Mary Margaret is cooking up this time. Emma doesn’t think that’s good enough—she doesn’t want to just sit around and hide under a magic blanket, she wants to fight. She’s ready to learn how to use her thus far extremely unreliable magic. She wants Regina to teach her.

Regina says that in order to truly learn how to control her magic, Emma is going to have to really commit. Emma doesn’t hesitate, as though she’s been waiting for Regina to ask her to commit for three and a half seasons now. Regina tells Emma to meet her in her vault in an hour.

OUAT 317-2I can’t wait to read all the fanfic that sprouts from this episode.

David offers to watch Henry, but Emma tells him that Henry (and the audience) thinks she’s boring. Mary Margaret, too. They are highly offended.

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