“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.19): Almost Famous


It’s 5 am. Do you know where your person is? Luckily for Cristina, Meredith is slumbering next to her. The jarring alarm goes off and Meredith’s voiceover tells us why. Today are the Harper Avery Award nominations, and Meredith, Alex and Jo are half asleep but they are there to give Cristina their support. To no one’s surprise, the phone rings and Cristina (in her best fake nonchalant voice) answers. She’s officially a nominee.


At the hospital, the interns are bitching about Shane, who in his own mind considers this his nomination as well. The ladies aren’t having it, and suggest that Stephanie pull “swap monkey” rank to humble him. Stephanie decides that would be too mean on a day like today. The residents run into a young girl named Frankie, who takes us on a trip through the hospital. There’s Derek, showing Callie and Arizona a pic of Cristina getting the call. Callie is impressed by Cristina’s ability to pull off lipstick before dawn. Arizona reminds Frankie that rounds start soon. Derek says goodbye and reminds Callie that he will see her at the MEG machine later on. (Magnetoenecphalography machine, if you’re nasty.) Now it’s Arizona’s turn to be impressed. Arizona thinks that Callie has Harper Avery fever, which is perfect because Sofia is getting a little older, and she’ll have more time to devote to the project. Turns out, Callie has a little bit of baby fever as well, but tries to act cool when Arizona gently shuts it down. Harper Averys are the new babies! They tease each other and it’s perfection.


Jackson and April run into each other, and we find out that April goes the old swimsuit route when she runs out of clean undies. Jackson wonders why she just doesn’t drop her laundry off, but we find out another one of April’s fun, little quirks. She’s Captain Frugal. She even decides that Jackson is wasting too much money on lattes and vows to teach him how to make his own. Booo. April, don’t take away the man’s latte for crissakes.

Frankie has made her way to little cutie bubble boy Brayden’s room to give him the gossip of the day. He’s got a cool remote control car, but that doesn’t exactly make up for the fact that he’s stuck in plastic. When Bailey, Alex and his parents arrive, the news isn’t good. His T cells are at zero. He’s likely going to be confined to isolation for the rest of his life. For now, there are no treatments for his disease.

Frankie finds Owen in the hall and they race to her brother’s room for rounds. She’s mighty fast for a kid with a pacemaker. I can’t even climb the stairs of my apartment without getting winded. Frankie is a member of the cardiomyopathy suffering family from last week. She and her sister are recovering, but brother Lincoln is not doing so well. Cristina, Arizona and Owen give Frankie the chance to report his medical stats, which she does like a pro. Lincoln has deteriorated very quickly and is at the top of the UNOS list for a transplant. He has about a week to live without a new heart.


Cristina briefs Owen and Arizona on an experimental new procedure happening at Stanford that she wants to look into for Linc. Arizona and Owen want to dish on the Harper Avery but Cristina plays it off like no big deal. It’s just a nomination after all. She doesn’t want anyone to make a big deal out of it. Just then, she walks into an enormous champagne toast thrown by Meredith with practically the entire staff. Meredith gives her the best “surprise bitch!” face ever. Cristina can’t help but smile.


Richard is beaming from all the innovation and genius happening around the hospital. Always the positive thinkers, the residents are grumbling that Shane is hogging all the Yang. As Richard hands out their assignments for the day, Jo calls dibs on ortho. Get your glow on, gurl. Leah lays claim to Meredith’s service where they will be doing the first kidney transplant between two HIV positive patients. Stephanie ends up with Bailey, who will be hunched over a computer trying to find a treatment for Brayden’s disease. Richard tells them not to disregard what Dr. Bailey is doing because when the inspiration does hit her, it’ll be like Fourth of July. Mental fireworks, people. Stephanie is all like, booooooring, and pulls the Swap Monkey card on Shane after all.

On Meredith’s docket are Keith and Marty, longtime friends who have been living with HIV. Keith is now suffering from kidney failure and Marty is going to be his donor. Once Leah starts going over the risks, Marty expresses a slight hesitation but agrees to the donation anyway.


In Derek and Callie’s special MEG room, they use Jo to try out the machine. The MEG registers brain waves based on emotional responses, and will help Derek and Callie figure out how to get their sensors to respond intuitively to patients’ needs and wants. Jo ends up being a terrible test subject. All the pictures she is show to elicit a positive response don’t work. Kittens? Hates them. A tropical island? Fuck that beach! The only thing that lights up her pleasure center is the opportunity to break her some bones.

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