“Lost Girl” begins work on Season 5 and “Buffy” alum to guest star


Lost Girl is over. Long live Lost Girl! While the fourth season just ended for U.S. viewers of Syfy, the cast and crew is already hard at work at making Season 5. Production began Monday with a flourish and announcement of an exciting new guest star.


Buffy and Angel alum Charisma Carpenter is the first announced guest star for the new season. I know, Cordelia Chase has to be Dark, right? According to Huffington Post Canada, Carpenter will play a character named Freyja, who is “well-known in mythology as the most renowned of the Norse goddesses.” She is a goddess of love, sexuality, fertility, war and death – because if you think about it a lot of those things are related. And she also rides a boar with golden bristles and rides a chariot pulled by cats. I’m not even making this up.


OK, two things. One, please let her still have the cat chariot because, hello, lesbian appeal. And two, this means Freyja probably knows Valkyrie Tamsin and this fandom crossover femslash pretty much writes itself. Huffington Post Canada said the show insists Freyja will have a “definite Lost Girl twist.”

Lost Girl remains the No. 1 program on its Canadian home channel, Showcase, across numerous demos. The new season also brings a new showrunner. Seasons 3 and 4 showrunner Emily Andras has been replaced by show consulting producer and writer Michael Grassi. He wrote previous wrote episodes 4.04 (“Turn to Stone”), 4.04 (“La Fae Époque”) and 4.10 (“Waves”) of last season. Andras, who has been very active interacting with fans on Twitter during her tenure, will remain on the series as an executive consulting producer and continue to write and help form the story arcs. But, we’ll miss still miss that special unicorn.

With filming on the new season barely underway, we know a little bit of what is in store for our favorite unaligned succubus. The first three episode titles have been revealed: 5.01 is “Like Hell Part 1,” 5.02 is “Like Hell Part 2” and 5.03 is “Oroka Mojo.” The Showcase blog also teases that in the new season:

“Bo will go to hell and back to try and save the people she loves–her family. But she will discover that love is not always enough to keep her family together. When you go to hell, you’re bound to drag something evil back with you.”

OK, wait, I thought Kenzi was in Valhalla. Isn’t that heaven, sorta? Or is there a shortcut to Valhalla through hell? I don’t know. Can we Google maps that? The cast (minus Ksenia Solo, who is conspicuously absent so far on set) has been tweeting their excitement about being back on set.


Please, please let that last quote be in reference to Lauren. Or at very least her Hotpants. Ahem.

Rachel Skarsten, a.k.a. Tam-Tam, has also tweeted a few fun photos from the set.

Lost Girl returns to Showcase in the fall and Syfy in 2015 (ugh, I know–why make us wait?). So, thoughts on Season 5? How about Charisma? But seriously, I want a cat chariot to happen. Do it for the faebians, Lost Girl.

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