“Beacon Hill” recap (1.7): Off the Record


It’s finally here – the episode we’ve been waiting for. Hearts will collide,  coffee will go unsipped, muffins will go unbuttered. Sara is relaxing in the coffee shop, minding her own business, when lo and behold, Katherine walks in. Katherine doesn’t notice Sara because she oh so stealthily hides behind a newspaper.


Nicely done Sara. Katherine is looking all messy and adorably in running pants and an oversized Harvard sweatshirt, and completely oblivious to the emotional train wreck that awaits her.  As she casually sniffs some tasty pastries, a tall, blonde, drink of water walks in and sets her sights on Katherine.


She calls Katherine “Representative Wesley,” so you know she means business. By the way she says it, I suspect they may have had a drunken Provincetown hook up. This is purely speculation, but it’s already burned itself into my brain. Katherine is a little taken aback, especially when the woman (who is a reporter, obvs) starts asking questions about the Senator and Katherine as his successor. All this lady reportering piques Sara’s interest, so she makes her way over and interrupts. Katherine looks at her like she has just seen a ghost. A ghost that she used to be in love with and probably still is. You can almost hear the wind being knocked out of her.



For her part, Sara does smile at Katherine and comment on how long it’s been. Katherine can’t really handle what has just been thrown at her, so she pretends that she forgot about a meeting and runs the hell out of there, embarrassingly running into a table on the way. Sara runs after her. Out on the street, Katherine does her absolute best to fight back the tears, but her whole body is shaking. Sara calls out to her.


Sara and her jaunty hat want some answers. It’s been six years, she says, and she has nothing to say? Katherine tells her that she actually has a whole lot to say to her, none of which she is going to give her the satisfaction of hearing. Especially not in front of a reporter. Speaking of reporters, Katherine brings up a less than flattering piece that Sara wrote about her a few months back. The pain in her voice is heartbreaking. Sara admits it wasn’t her best piece of writing. She assumes that Katherine isn’t happy to see her, but it’s so much more complicated than that and they both know it.


Katherine sarcastically welcomes Sara home; saying that she imagines Sara’s family is thrilled to have her back. Sara lets the barb roll off her back. What she really wants to know is how Katherine feels about seeing her again. She tells Katherine that she’s acting as a friend and not a reporter right now. Yeah about that, Katherine says, they aren’t friends. That hasn’t been in the cards since the night Sara walked out on their relationship. It’s Sara’s turn to look like she was just kicked in the guts. Katherine ends the conversation, telling Sara that she just can’t do whatever it is that they are doing right now. She jogs off, leaving Sara to watch her fade away in the distance.


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