“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (4.12): Origin


Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of “Lost Girl.” Read the full episode recap here.

Note: I had to skip last week’s mini-cap due to unforeseen circumstances (moving is a bitch, yo). But the 5-second recaps goes a little something like this: Bo gets chased by zombies and Hale gets killed by Massimo. Also Kenzi is sad. So, so very sad. You can read the full recap of episode 4.11 here.


We start at Hale’s funeral. Ksenia Solo’s acting in these two episodes is as good as Kris Holden Ried’s eulogy voice is bad. Seriously, it almost ruined the tragedy of Hale’s departure. But what really ruins it is a knight who emerges out of nowhere from the woods and pledges herself to Bo. Kenzi roles her eyes because Bo can’t even not get some at a damn funeral.

The lady knight comes with a message about Bo being in danger. She’s filed with prophecies that no one has ever heard of but immediately believe at face value. Everyone except for Lauren, who is doing her own damn research. She finds pictures of The Wanderer that would not get Bo to check out his profile on OKCupid.


Lauren also overhears Evony plotting about killing the Succubus to Trick. Man, no Grandpa of the Year mugs for Trick this year. I mean, he doesn’t agree to it, but still. Speaking of killing, the gang decides not to kill Massimo much to Kenzi’s chagrin because, I don’t really know why. But he’s still alive and Hale is dead and, man, do I dislike his character.

More talk of prophecies, more taking them at face value. Though I kind of like this new one. It says Rainer will die. I’d happily throw the so sad, too bad, just kidding let’s all celebrate party in his honor.

Lauren comes in with her research, which of course Bo ignores because she actually knows and trusts Lauren so why should she believe anything she says, right? Oy, this season. Bo just wants to process their breakup. And Lauren is like, succudummy, everything I’ve done – everything – has been to keep you safe.


But Bo won’t listen. So Lauren decides to prove it by seducing the Morrigan. I know, it was confusing for a second. Confusing and hot. But all the sweaty, naked, funtimes weren’t just for the joy of sweaty, naked funtimes. They were sweaty, naked, funtimes – of so fun, judging by Evony’s reaction – with a purpose.

And that purpose was to turn Evony human. Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a Magical Vagina, and Dr. Lauren Lewis has one. Well, at least the Morrigan had fun while it lasted. Thanks for not cutting that, Syfy.


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