The “Twisted” finale lives up to its title


Last night’s Twisted finale delivered a shocking twist that is bound to be a real game changer for Lacey, Whitney and the whole Twisted crew. Sometimes when something seems too good to be true, that’s because it is actually using you as a pawn in it’s messed up game of revenge.

The finale kicks off with Jo finally deciding to come clean about her involvement in Vikram’s death. With her testimony, Danny will now likely dodge a murder trial, and Whitney’s father Jack will probably be off the hook too. Hey, just because you move a dead body into a car and stage it to look like an accident, doesn’t mean you actually killed him. These are important Twisted lessons, people. Jo is released as a witness, and Danny is let out with an ankle monitor.

Meanwhile at the diner, sipping milkshakes and dealing with growing romantic tension, are Lacey and Whitney. They are having lunch with friends Rico and Annie, who are both pretty aware that Lacey is subtly mooning over Whitney. While hashing out Danny’s confession, they are rudely interrupted by some MILF with a ‘tude. Oh hi, you must be Whitney’s mom! She has come to tell Whitney that since her father is in jail and all, that it’s time to come on back home to the ice palace. Whitney’s mom takes a shine to Lacey (must run in the family) and thanks her for taking Whitney in during her father’s incarceration. Mommy dearest advises Whitney to say toodles to her friends, because she’s about to put Green Grove in her rear view mirror. Whitney is pissed but used to being moved around from place to place. Lacey on the other hand, looks positively distraught.


Back at Lacey’s, Whitney starts packing up her belongings. Lacey tries to make the best of it, since after all, Whitney’s going back to NYC. Whitney tells Lacey about her mother’s boyfriend and how he came on to her. Lacey gets upset and offers to talk some sense into Whitney’s mother. Whitney is like, that’s real sweet and all. How about a strongly worded letter? Yeah, that shit isn’t going to fly.


In another bedroom just a few houses away, Danny breaks into Jo’s room (his ankle monitor doesn’t go off since they are neighbors). He confesses that he’s always loved her. She decided to hold her cards a little closer to the chest. Also she’s kind of exhausted from being stalked by Danny’s old juvie cellmate Charlie.

At school, Whitney’s mom un-enrolls Whitney and Lacey tries to intervene. She tells Whitney’s mother about the boyfriend situation, which her mother chalks up to being another one of Whitney’s epic lies. See, Whitney loves to lie, apparently. Her mother drops a major bomb on Lacey’s tender heart because she can tell that it beats a little faster when Whitney is around. Whitney got kicked out of boarding school for skinny-dipping…WITH A BOY! Everyone, quick, clutch your pearls! Lacey is confused because Whitney was pretty clear about the not-liking-boys thing. They are all interrupted by Whitney’s dad Jack, who is out on bail and refuses to let Whitney get shipped back to Manhattan. Her mother washes her hands of them both and takes off. Whitney tells Lacey she will call her later, but Lacey is seriously ticked off.


Soon after, Jo is kidnapped by Charlie and Jo and Danny’s mom take a sledgehammer to Vikram’s desk. The latter is way cool. Inside they find hidden documents possibly about the baby that Jo’s mother gave away with Vikram’s help.


Lacey is busy stewing at the diner when Whitney comes in, wanting to know why she hasn’t answered her calls or texts. Lacey politely informs her it’s because she is a lying liar. More than anything, Lacey is confused because Whitney claimed to have never been with a boy. Whitney tells her that she needed a weekend pass, and the boy was the Dean’s son. Whitney goes on to say that she’s risked a lot by being with Lacey, to which Lacey responds, like this:


When pressed for more, Whitney backtracks and says she has never had many close friends. Lacey just isn’t quite ready to process all this, so Whitney leaves with her tail between her legs. Rico, sitting at the next booth, overhears and sits with Lacey. When he asks if she’s OK, she admits that this whole thing with Whitney is kind of messy. They don’t get much time to talk because Danny bursts in looking for Jo. Lacey uses some terrifying app on her phone, which tells you exactly where your friends are. When they see that she is not in town, she and Danny head off to find her. Danny gives Jo’s dad, the chief, a heads up.

At the Desai house, Jack and Danny’s mom Karen make amends and end up in bed together. It’s late and Jack hears someone at the door. He gets up to check and Whitney stands there in the dark. He gives her a wicked smile, and comments on the seriously plush digs. He asks about things with Lacey, and Whitney tells him that it’s not so hot. Lacey thinks she’s a liar, and Jack thinks that makes Lacey pretty damn smart. Apparently Charlie, the one who has kidnapped Jo, was working with them but went off course. Holy hell! Whitney and her dad are grifters!


Speaking of Charlie, he confesses everything to Jo about his revenge on Danny and his obsession with Jo. Charlie says that he was Danny’s murdered aunt’s son. Oh shit. Danny and Lacey arrive to rescue Jo, as does Jo’s father. It’s a stand off until Jo’s mom also shows up. The baby that she and Vickram gave away is actually Charlie. This is super awkward because Charlie and Jo dated for a bit there, and he’s been obsessing over her for years. That’s so Twisted!


So what do you think about Whitney’s reveal as a lying teenage grifter? Do you think she revealed her true feelings for Lacey in the diner. Now that Lacey seems to be moving on from Danny, do you think she will fall right into Whitney’s web? Does Whitney really care about Lacey or is the just a pawn in her and Jack’s plan? So many questions.

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