Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 10, 2007)



In great news for hot-blooded lesbians everywhere, D.E.B.S. badass Meagan Good is set to play a lesbian in a new film, Sundays in Fort Greene.

The film, written by co-star Tamara LaSeon Bass, is about two sisters trying to escape the legacy of their dysfunctional family. Meagan’s character, Greta, is closeted and struggling to reconcile her identity with the wishes of her family. The film will begin shooting this summer and is slated for a 2008 release.

If you’re like me, when you saw D.E.B.S. you really wished there was a way that Good’s character, Max, could have gone gay right along with her spymate Amy. She brought the attitude and fire to the D.E.B.S. pack, and she rocked the school uniform so hard that her miniskirt should have been classified as a lethal weapon.

No word yet on whether her new role involves a killer wardrobe, but my fingers are crossed.


As scribegrrrl recently mentioned on the blog, MTV’s Real World: Sydney introduced a new cast of characters in the season premiere yesterday and among them was the openly bisexual “blonde bombshell,” Shauvon.

Shauvon is a student at Sacramento State University in California, as well as a sex columnist. I’m not sure how her experience as a sexpert might assist her in her Real World journey, but I’m curious enough to watch and find out.

In the season opener (watch the full episode here), we learned that the female roommates work under the assumption that women can’t get along with one another, and that at least one man in the house thinks that any problems that might arise throughout the course of the show will be due to “vaginal insecurity.” (Which is, I’m guessing, the opposite of “nipple confidence.”) One of the roommates, Cohutta from Georgia, spoke on the phone with his very Southern grandpa about the fancy dwelling and the beauty of Australia, to which his grandpa replied, “So are the girls hot?”

The best part about Real World — aside, of course, from the fascinating human relation dynamics — is that the housemates generally engage in the sort of sexual free-for-alls that you would expect from any college-aged kids living together and away from home in rent-free luxury. In fact, they should really call this show Real World Hookups, just for the sake of truth in advertising.

Although Shauvon did indeed hook up with someone in the season premiere, it wasn’t a girl. Instead, she chose Isaac, telling her roommate, Parisa (the sensible one), that he captivated her interest because he is “weird, sarcastic and rude.”

But keep watching. She just might need some lesbian action as fodder for her column. At least that’s what I say when it’s my turn to write B.L.W.E.

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