“Bomb Girls” Movie Announces Release Date!


As queer women, and also just as human beans, we live in a remarkable time for television.  We can see ourselves portrayed in psychological dramas, acerbic comedies, and campy treasures.  In fact, for the first time in history, there are so many queer women on TV that many of us have been forced to give up things like “relationships” and “bathroom breaks” just to watch them all. So you’d kind of think a little Canadian show like Bomb Girls could disappear unnoticed, like one little star winking out in a sky full of constellations.  But its loss has been felt deeply by everyone who loved it, and for months we have waited with bated breath for news of the TV movie.  WELL WAIT NO MORE, MY FRIENDS, FOR THE BOMB GIRLS MOVIE HAS A RELEASE DATE AT LAST.

On March 27th (less than a month!) our girls come back.  Here’s what we know (or what we are allowed to say on the Internet, anyway).

The press release  includes the following picture:

bgmovie1I was joking when I said to “jot down” the sex tips I learned in prison. Do not literally write them down.

So from this we learn:

1. Betty does eventually return to work at the factory.


The press release also mentions, rather disappointingly, that the movie will focus on Gladys and her love life, which I guess shouldn’t come as surprise since men have always pursued Gladys with the same ferocity with which she pursues Justice. Oh and Clifford will be in there too, although maybe he won’t have any lines or maybe he will speak only in sign language or maybe they found some money in the budget for a dialect coach. Here’s hoping. Don’t worry, though, we’ll get plenty of Betty, Kate, Lorna, Marco, and Vera.  Oh and also, the official title for the movie is Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy because apparently the enemy likes to do it in the missionary position.

Way more interesting than the press release is this piece, which features some extended quotes from (new) showrunner Adrienne Mitchell.

bgmovie2And then they all enter the Tardis and fly into the future. 

The main takeaway here is that people who love Bomb Girls have just about more moxie, grit, and guts than any fandom out there. Through their dogged and unrelenting efforts, chances for future movies or even a continuation of the series on Netflix are real.  The show has only grown in popularity since leaving the air, so if you’re a newbie (HI! WELCOME!) and you want to get involved, I highly recommend following @SavebombGirls on Twitter, and freely pestering Netflix about how you want more episodes.  I, for one, feel that one 80-something minute movie is not possibly enough time to wrap up all the storylines.  I mean, I could just watch Ali Liebert make faces at the camera for that amount of time and it still wouldn’t be enough.  But it is something, and it’s a hell of a lot better than nothing.

See you March 27th.

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