Ellen Burstyn to play a lesbian in NBC comedy pilot “Old Soul”


Deadline is reporting that Ellen Burstyn will play a lesbian in an upcoming NBC  sitcom pilot produced by Amy Poehler.  Old Soul also stars Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black), Rita Moreno and Fred Willard.

Ellen Burstyn and Natasha Lyonne


According to Deadline:

Old Soul centers on a reformed wild child Nadia (Lyonne) who has a business caring for the elderly and feels she has more in common with her colorful old clients than she does with people her age. Burstyn will play aunt Nadia’s aunt Eileen, an earthy lesbian with a New Age bent who has recently survived cancer. Nadia may take care of her elderly clients, which are Eileen’s friends, but Eileen takes care of Nadia.

If the show makes the cut, are you in?

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