“Chicago Fire” recap (2.14): Hockey night in Chicago


Previously on Chicago Fire, Dawson decided she wanted to fight fires but was shocked to find cheating and corruption (come on Dawson, it’s Chicago.) Casey got himself bonked on the noggin a couple times and got in the habit of carrying bolt cutters because he could never remember his locker combination. Otis romanced Severide’s adorable little sister, Katie. Severide broke up a fight and found himself a target of a very bad dude. When the bad man couldn’t get to Severide through the wall of Detective Hairporn he kidnapped Severde’s sister.

Outside the precinct Severide runs into Keeler and throws him against a wall and screams, “Gimme back my sister!” Detective Hairporn comes zipping out and drags Severide off Keeler. She tells him that the cops have taps on his phone and car and he will lead them to Katie but not if Kelly keeps acting like a hothead.

CF 2141

Casey is meeting with a doctor who tells him that if he’s not careful his brain may become permanently scrambled eggs. He says, so you’re saying I’m going to be fine. Dude, you need a timeout and someone to chaperone you at the doctor’s office. Meanwhile, Dawson gets stuck in her fire simulator. She needs to shave twenty seconds off her time or else she won’t pass. Jones comes over to offer encouragement and tips on cheating. Dawson tells her to take a hike. She may not kick ass on the course but she’s not a cheater who rides her daddy’s coat tails. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Dawson in her gear.

CF 2142

The gang is called out to a warehouse to rescue a guy who has his arm caught in a conveyor belt. After telling Otis to get his head in the game Casey takes a tumble and nearly splatters his Humpty Dumpty head all over the warehouse floor. Luckily, Super Clarke is there to save his butt.

Back at the firehouse Severide tells the Chief that CPD has lead but it might take a few days to find his sister. Boden says don’t worry about it, Clarke has taken over your job of keeping Casey from dying. Otis apologizes to Kelly for not being there to save Katie. Shay catches Severide before he leaves and tells him not to be a moron. He says he has a plan and she tells him to call that pretty detective and let her handle things. Oh Shay, I’m sure you’d like Detective Lindsay to handle all your things. Kelly says if it were Shay missing he would be running around trying to find her, or you know blaming Dawson and sitting on his ass like that time she actually went missing. She says, “Go be a hero. I’ll start getting the bail money together.”

Donna stops in to talk to Boden. She says they can skip their dinner plans in light of the kidnapping. He says they should keep them, it will take his mind off of everything else. Meanwhile, Dawson is chatting with another candidate and getting ready for the big test. He points out Jones talking to her dad and says her great test scores must be genetic. Dawson says, “Yeah, sure, that’s it.”

CF 2143

Severide shakes down the guy whose ass he saved in the blackout for information on Keeler. After some not so gentle persuasion, the guy tells him where to find Keeler’s right hand man. Severide jump the guy and starts going all Million Dollar Baby on his face. Severide walks off and comes back with a Halligan bar and asks where his sister is. Mr. Halligan is a very persuasive fellow and Severide places a call to Detective Hairporn and a minute and a half later they find Katie beaten up and lying on a filthy mattress.

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