“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (4.07): La Fae Époque


Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of “Lost Girl.” Read the full episode recap here.

This is the one where Zoie Palmer sings in French. So sit back, pour yourself a drink, turn off your brain and just go with it. Things get pretty weird, so the less brain in your head the less to get blown out. Just a suggestion. You make your own choices.


Right, so the set up here is simple: The Una Mens are going to execute Dyson for crimes he supposedly committed way before the TV show started to air. Oops, sorry, Fourth Wall. To prove he is innocent of indiscriminately killing humans and Fae back in the day, Bo decides delves into the subconscious. And you know what that means: CRAZY BODYSWAP SHENANIGANS.

So to save the wolf, the consult the Oracle to get into his memories. Remember her? Last time we saw her she had pigtails and, OK, fine–she had the same smart-ass attitude. So they tie a red-ribbon around the old oak tree of everyone’s memories and off we go down the rabbit hole.


And into Dyson’s memories we go. He/Bo wakes up in bed between two women because that’s just how this show rolls, yo. Then the chase is on because Wolf Bo is being set upon by the farmer whose daughters he just defiled. Luckily, the Last Trickbenders (get it, get it?) is there with his robes and staff to fend off the axe-wielding villagers. He then sends Wolf Bo on a champion’s journey to find the missing Hell Shoes. Of course, the biggest thing Bo’s subconscious takes from this all is “boobs.” Hold that thought.


OK, you didn’t have to hold that thought long because we all wind up in lesbian heaven where Kenzi is an angelic barmaid and Lauren is a slinky cabaret singer. IN FRENCH. It’s like the writers snuck into my dreams and put them on TV.


Wolf Bo and Cabaret Lauren were an item back in the day. And they concoct a plan to steal the Hell Shoes from a Prince who is enamored with her singing. This next part is best if you just go with it and don’t think too much about what is actually happening.


Right, so that happened. And then the Prince comes and Cabaret Laurne tries to steal his Hell Shoes and they put them on her feet and they won’t come off and her eyes turn glowy evil. Um, did no one think perhaps it wasn’t the best idea in the world to put on shoes with the word “Hell” in front of them?

The shoes turn Cabaret Lauren into WolverLauren, and she slashes a swath of destruction across the streets of 1899 Paris. But then an Una Mens henchman kills her, and frames a guilty Dyson/Bo for the murders.


Now that Bo knows the truth, the trick is to get out of Dyson’s subconscious in time to save him (and herself). The Oracle already bailed on the psychic link, so it is up to Lauren to save the day. Isn’t that always the way. She ties the red string of fate around her ankle to get Bo out. And then Bo Sleeping Beauties Lauren awake with a kiss to get in return.

So the day is saved and the wolf is saved and everyone goes to eat hotdogs. I prefer a celebratory slice of pizza, but whatever works. Also, there’s also something about the missing Hell Shoe being trapped in Dyson’s prize belt (and another in an undisclosed location). But we’ll put a pin in that until next season.











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