“Black Sails” recap (1.05): Eleanor Guthrie vs. The World


Previously on Black Sails, Max and Eleanor learned that they don’t shine as bright when they’re apart, and Mustachio Jack learned that LadyPirate is not all that pleased with the fact that her crew has been holding Max hostage.

We open with Flint asking Billy if he trusts him. He asks for Billy to be honest, and Billy laughs in his face. A dishonest man doesn’t get to demand honesty. Billy asks Flint who Mrs. Barlow is, and he tells him that she is a Puritan woman he met who is simply a fellow book nerd.

Across the island, LadyPirate is chiding Mustachio Jack because he has a horrible idea. He is grasping at straws to survive and cannot be convinced to drop his plan, so he goes up to the matron of the brothel and tells her that Mr. Noonan sold the inn to Mustachio Jack before running off to Port Royal. The matron is doubtful, but tries him for a raise instead of flat-out refuting one.

When he happily agrees, she says she’ll turn a blind eye to this shady turnover.

Mustachio Jack, upon realizing that they officially own a brothel, and constantly being a touch of comedic relief, says, “Let’s hope no one notices.”

Meanwhile, poor Eleanor is still reeling from Mr. Scott’s betrayal.

Black Sails 105-1Someone better make this poor girl smile soon.

When she gets into her office, she finds Silver and Randall (the old cook) chained to each other on the couch. Flint had put them there before their mission to retrieve the guns, since he’s the man with the map and won’t be much use if he’s dead. Eleanor unchains Silver from Randall…then promptly re-chains him to the couch. It’s awesome.

Silver asks Eleanor where all the hostility is coming from. She tells him that she blames him for Max getting tangled up in all this — if it hadn’t been for him, they could still be tangled in her bedsheets.

Their chat is interrupted by the sounds of Mr. Guthrie talking to the masses outside. He admits that he’s a fugitive marked for execution, that he has liquidated his holdings, and all he has is what’s left in the warehouse. After that, the Guthrie trade is donezo. Eleanor is less than pleased with this turn of events.

Black Sails 105-2I can’t wait ’til she evolves from pouting to demanding her dragons.

Out on the water, Flint’s ship is in high pursuit of the gun ship. Flint says they need to be moving faster, and that they should put another said up. DeGroot, carpenter pirate, says that the masts won’t hold if they do that. Billy, torn between logic and loyalty, starts to agree with DeGroot, but ends up siding with Flint.

They raise the extra sail, all while yelling things at each other like football players at the start of a play. Luckily, they reach their desired knottage (yes, I made that word up) without disaster, so Billy and Flint exchange joyful looks, and I wonder how many more episodes we have to wait until Billy confesses his love for his captain.

Back in Nassau, Eleanor is fuming. Her father walks in and wishes her a good morning and you know she must be raging because she doesn’t even laugh at the absurd wig on his head. Mr. Guthrie accuses Eleanor of being seduced into Flint’s madness. He mocks her authority and calls her a child. He knows full well that Flint went to retrieve the guns and is quite sure that this adventure to the treasure galleon is as good as over.

Like a good villain, he tells Eleanor his whole boring plan. When he’s done, she has one question—how did he get Scott to betray her?

His literal answer: “We talked like men and he saw reason.”

Eleanor’s (and my) literal response: “Fuck you.”

Black Sails 105-3“Stop being such a Byron Montgomery, DAD.”

Outside, because Eleanor wasn’t having a shitty enough day as it was, a pirate rebellion begins. (Which seems like a bit of an oxymoron if you ask me.) A man lunges at her, so she decides she’ll be safer inside. She is determined to continue on doing business and sends for some very specific men so she can hold an emergency meeting.

This causes the Rapist to call Eleanor the c-word, and LadyPirate hates him with her eyes.

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