Is Naya Rivera leaving? Is Brittana endgame? 7 burning questions for the return of “Glee”


We’re only a few short days away from the return of Glee and the rumor mill is spinning golden gossip faster than Rumpelstiltskin on speed. According to every cast member, writer and producer, enormous changes afoot for the show we all love to hate (and hate to love) (and hate to hate). Below are the seven burning questions we’re afraid of having answered.


1) Is Naya Rivera leaving?

We first started panicking about this back in January when Glee revealed it was making a full-time move to New York, but didn’t mention Naya Rivera in the announcement. Then, Fox’s press release for episode 509, “Frenemies,” included this little tidbit: “Santana will audition for and snag the role of Rachel’s understudy in Funny Girl, causing a feud between the roommates,” which TVLine reports will “significantly alter their current living situation.” And then, Lea Michele tweeted a set picture that included a U-Haul and no Santana. Kalen G, who does Glee‘s behind-the-scene interviews, confirmed that Naya is in episode 514, but we’ll believe she’s sticking around (with significant screen time) when we see it.

2) Is Brittana actually endgame?

We were beyond psyched when we heard Heather Morris would be returning for Glee‘s 100th episode, and we practically had to be shuffled to our fainting couches when Naya tweeted this from set:

Cinematographer Joaquin Sedillo followed it with this:

Frankly, the only shocking Brittana thing at this point would be a well-written storyline that honors the lesbian and bisexual fans whose hearts have fully belonged to Brittany and Santana since season one. The reason I say “endgame” is because if it’s true that Naya is potentially leaving the show, this tweet might mean everything.

3) Who’s making the move to New York, full time?

Honestly, who the heck even knows. Darren Criss told The Backlot that Blaine, Artie, and Sam are definitely in the mix. Harry Shum tweeted the photo below from set. Jane Lynch says Sue is going to the Big Apple. Jenna Ushkowitz says Tina wants to go to Brown, which rules her out. My favorite quote from any person involved in the decision is from Fox boss Kevin Reilly who told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour: “Creatively, it would ridiculous if everybody moves to New York.” The fact that Reilly thinks Glee doesn’t engage in creative ridiculousness multiple times per episode just proves that he doesn’t watch his own show.


4) Are we really going to have to suffer through another Will and Emma relationship saga?

Apparently. Jayma Mays, who didn’t want to leave the show, has said the creators are writing her off before the New York move, presumably so Mr. Schue can follow his students to city and work with them in a diner and be inappropriate without having to worry about getting fired from his job. LOL, JK. Will Schuester was never going to get fired for being inappropriate.

5) Can the writers waste Demi Lovato’s talents even more?

Presumably. Lovato signed on for six episodes to play Santana’s girlfriend, but three of those episodes have already aired and the only thing we’ve seen her do is perform one solo with Santana, play the electric guitar in a couple of Pamela Lansbury scenes, and sit on the couch holding Santana’s hand in the background. She’ll be lucky if she gets to speak in her final three appearances.

6) Why do we continue to suffer so much for this show?

Oh. Right.



7) What in the world was Fox thinking putting Glee up against Pretty Little Liars?

Yes, that’s right. Glee is moving to Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm, meaning the show will go head-to-head with Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. A #BooRadleyVanCullen vs. #GaySharks face-off. Valerie Anne said it best to me this morning: “We thought Ryan Murphy was captaining the Titanic, but now I think he’s the iceberg.”
How are you feeling about the return of Glee?

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