“Super Fun Night” recap (1.17): …Till The Fat Lady Sings


It’s the season finale of Super Fun Night, and we still don’t know if ABC plans to renew it for a second. Let’s just see how this would shape up as a series finale, too, then.

Kimmie is recapping her Valentine’s Day with her video diary and says, “It’s like there’s two Kimmies: The one who likes James and the one who likes Richard.” They both like Channing Tatum and “showing cleave.” So that’s settled! The Kimmies debate the qualities of both dudes and I’m just over hear shouting “JAMES! JAMES!” knowing that Richard Kimmie is totally going to win out.

At work Kendall is being nice, so Kimmie wonders why. “One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to hone my skills in the art of small talk,” Kendall says, but apparently she just decided to put it into action late February. Kendall says that she’s looking to get promoted (per usual!) and it could happen with Richard’s dad in town. Kendall compliments Kimmie’s purse and tricks her. She doesn’t care, she’s just making small talk!

Richard is wearing a purple swirly tie and comes upon Kimmie in the break room. He says his dad is an emotional cripple and a fox hunter, so I’m already hating him. Kimmie says she’s great with dads, though: “Especially Marika’s. Every time we’re alone he’s always taking polaroids of me.” Creepy! Richard apologizes for kissing Kimmie, yet again. He says he respects her relationship with James and makes sure she knows that they are just friends, which is confusing considering THEY MADE OUT IN THE STREET LAST WEEK. I’m as mystified as Kimmie, but then not as much because I realize he’s a straight dude and that’s the kind of shit they pull. Sigh. Glad to be gay.


At the sports club, Marika is flirting with Frankie G after playing a rousing match of tennis. Frankie G apparently wears bondage type outfits to the gym. “You’re bad,” Marika says. “No, you’re bad,” Frankie G says sensually. “No, I mean your’e bad at tennis,” Marika replies. She’s bad… at flirting. Then she says, “It’s a good thing you’re cute” and goes in for a kiss until Helen-Alice comes in and interrupts. Marika instantly gets weird. “I’m dealing with a lesson!” Frankie interjects to meet Marika’s BFF as Marika awkwardly tries to explain her training relationship with Frankie and says she’ll meet her at the restaurant, instructing her to order any stroganoff available. Frankie is only going to find this closeted stuff appealing for like five more minutes, if at all.

Kimmie seeks advice from Kendall (why? WHY?) and says, “Richard kissed me.” Kendall’s response: “Richard who?” “OUR RICHARD,” Kimmie says, and Kendall thinks it’s a joke until she realizes it’s not and gets pissed. “My shrink said I was crazy but I knew I was right!” Of COURSE Kendall is pissed! She was pissed Richard and Kimmie were flirting while she was dating him. Why would Kimmie go to Kendall for advice about her ex-boyfriend? POOR SOCIAL SKILLS. Kimmie goes on to explain how guilty she feels for having liked the kiss and Kendall tells her to keep it all a secret from James.

But she’s Kimmie, and she can’t. That night, she tells him, “I kissed Richard. Are you mad? Are you sad? You’re not glad?” James doesn’t know how the fuck he feels but he needs to take a walk. “Why? You hate walking!” Kimmie says. “That’s one of the things we have in common!” James begins to list all the things they have in common, including “a suspicion of brunch because it scams you out of a meal.” But James doesn’t think all of the things they agree on matter because, surprise surprise, he still has an issue with Kimmie’s relationship with Richard, which has been a problem since they met.

The next morning, Kimmie tells Marika she wishes she would have lied. She’s used to lying, she does it every day! “Excuse me, I need that seat, I’m pregnant.” Marika thinks she needs to sing “More Than Words” by Extreme, and I am prone to agree with her. Kimmie said that she imagined being caught between two men “much more sensual.” Helen-Alice is upset because love is “cruel and unfair.” She saw Benji last night after attempting to detox herself so that Benji would stop being allergic to her, but it didn’t work. He broke out in hives after a kiss. Kimmie doesn’t really care because she’s worried about herself. Helen-Alice tells Marika she’s so lucky she’s single. “You don’t know how hard it is to want to be with someone you can’t.” Marika says, “Yeah, freebird. That’s what they call me.” “Who calls you that?” Helen-Alice asks. “Johnny. Dale. Hershel,” Marika says, and I’m over here dying. I swear the jokes have gotten better because I’m having to share so much more of the lines with you.

Richard’s dad has not aged since he was on The Nanny. He is introduced to Kimmie, who he mistakes as “the hairstylist,” and Kendall, who he is taken with for suing an orphanage on behalf of an oil company. He approves of her ambition. Kimmie is more concerned with how Richard’s dad was to him. Kendall doesn’t give a shit. Shocking! Kimmie demands to know why Richard’s dad isn’t so nice to him, and I’m just wondering where their clients are because they are never in the office. There’s also never any court room scenes. Anyway, Kimmie encourages Richard to stand up to his dad and he’s like, “OK, thanks bye.”

Marika and H-A pay James a visit. He is sad they are not his pizza being delivered, but they say they are there for him. They reveal two of their six dozen Team James T-shirts. (They got a deal the more they bought.)


They think James and Kimmie belong together, and he agrees. “Girls, I miss her so much. I’m miserable without her. Everywhere I look I think about her,” he says, but he won’t call her, even when he sees their favorite cat commercial. Marika uses two red delicious apples as a metaphor. “Maybe it’s time for Red Delicious number 2 to realize it’s OK to feel those feelings and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because Red Delicious Number 1 is pretty rad, so Red Delicious number 2 shouldn’t screw things up! You know?!” James just stares at her. “Kimmie hates fruit.” Clearly Marika was not thinking about Kimmie.

Richard’s dad asks him for more tea but Richard takes the chance to ask WTF. “I have a lot to say, Dad! It’s about to get very Gilmore Girls up in here.” This is right before they go into an acquisition meeting, and Dad announces Kendall was going to get the promotion, but he was inspired to give it to his son instead, based on his new found strength and leadership. Sitcom logic!


Richard thanks Kimmie for inspiring him. He is apparently leaving for the new gig, which is in Berlin. As in, Germany. “I leave tomorrow,” he says, which is highly unlikely. It’s just like in movies where teenagers leave for college or some summer job the day after they graduate high school. IMPROBABLE. Anyhow, the drama is heightened because Kimmie cannot believe this is happening to her. She, of course, goes to Kendall for help. They pace side by side, speaking aloud about their own issues, ignoring the other’s plights.

“God, I should just quit!” Kendall muses. “But it’s going to be hard out there for a privileged white girl from a rich family with a million contacts.”

Kimmie goes home to eat her emotions. Marika is holding a huge tub of ice cream and shares with her roomies. H-A is still sad about Benji so she asks Marika, the eternal optimist, to name “one good thing right now.” “Um, well,” Marika starts. “I have a girlfriend.” BIG PAUSE. “Did you guys know that I was…”

Kimmie interrupts. “There were some signs that we had noticed.” “A few,” Helen-Alice agrees. This was clearly not a surprise. “Like what?” Marika asks. She’s serious. “A love of vests, dedication to pants.” “An obsession with Tegan and Sara.” “Those dog-eared pages of I, Martina.” “Every dream ends with you sipping hot cocoa with Billie Jean King.” “Your striking resemblance to Jodie Foster.”

“I think I got it,” Marika says. “There’a lot of signs maybe I wasn’t really aware of. There’s a big difference between thinking something and actually knowing that something’s true.” Group hug.

“Marika, thanks for telling us,” Kimmie says. And then she takes this as a sign to go to the airport to stop Richard. But not before this:

“First, I must apologize to you. It must have been torture to you to have this [motions to her body] around the house all these years.”

So much yes.

Kimmie catches Richard right before he gets into the security line. It’s all going according to plan. She’s out of breath from running but gets it together to say, “I just wanted to say I think you’re going to do really great in Berlin and I want to wish you all the luck.” He thanks her and gives her a hug before getting in line.

Frankie G is at Marika’s door and she doesn’t look too thrilled. “You sure it’s OK? You’re not afraid your friends are going to wonder why you invited your client over?” Marika says, “Ooh, actually, no I’m not worried about that because I told them all about us.” Frankie softens up and saunters inside, slapping Marika’s butt on her way back to the bedroom. Ow ow!

Meanwhile, Helen-Alice gave Benji the ride of his life, and now he’s heading to the hospital. Yikes!

And Kimmie goes to James, telling him how much she loves him. He loves her too! They both love that cat commercial!

And cue the music video! It’s “Fat Bottomed Girls,” and the whole time I’m really wondering if that would be a satisfying series ending. Not the music video part — that’s wonderful, of course. I mean Kimmie choosing James over Richard after pining over him for 17 episodes. It just felt like all this build up and then it was too easy for her to decide. Was it based on his sudden leaving for Berlin? Probably, but that doesn’t mean her feelings for him were just going to die out. That being said, I’m glad she chose James. I didn’t expect her to!

As far as Marika goes, I thought her coming out was perfect. She met someone who challenged her to consider feelings for the first time, and it helped her to realize not only is she a gay lady, but she is supported by awesome friends in her first real relationship. Lauren Ash was superb throughout the entire season.

If Super Fun Night does get renewed, I hope to see more of the three best friends and their hijinks together. That’s what really makes the show so fun. Lauren, Rebel Wilson and Liza Lapira are the heart of it, and I don’t mind if Richard stays in Berlin. Send me a Team James T-shirt!

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