Watch now! Stef’s an adorable, awkward mom on “The Fosters”


ABC Family has released three clips from next week’s episode of The Fosters. It looks like Lena and Stef are doing their best to keep a lid on the craziness of five teenagers under one roof. Even if they aren’t able to keep it down to a dull roar they sure do look cute trying.

First up, Lena hates to be late.

So, Jude is Lena’s favorite (duh).

It’s always awkward when your boss tells you what a shitty job you’re doing with your kids.

Any guesses as to what Callie might be joining? I think she could Regina George the hell out of the lacrosse team.

Finally, Brandon is up to more shadiness and Stef is a perfectly embarrassing mom.

It looks like there is plenty more teen drama coming up this week. At least Stef’s rocking the uniform. Maybe she and Lena can slip away for some afternoon delight after lunch.

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