“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (4.06): Of All the Gin Joints


Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of “Lost Girl.” Read the full episode recap here.

Opera divas and disco queens and Dark Belch, oh my! Lost Girl goes to the opera this week as a songstress escapes from her captors only to find Bo. For a gal who is supposed to be lost, an awful lot of people end up finding her. Though in this case Bo told her to find her, apparently. Who knows. This season can be fuzzy on the details sometimes.

What we do know is that Lauren is absolutely adorkable. Like shake her little tushy adorable as she is packing up her apartment – including her Star Trek DVDs and Khan collectibles. (Yes, Khan as in Wrath of Khan – Emily Andras confirmed the dorkiness.) I have never, ever been so happy to move. All you’ll see from me while moving is wondering aloud why I own so much crap and searching in vain for the end of the packing tape.


Lauren’s happy packing bee-bop gets interrupted by the Morrigan herself. Evony is being very unEvony. She arrives with her hair pulled back with pizza and beer. Has everyone swapped bodies again? But no, it’s just that Evony has done her Dr. Lauren Lewis research and knows that pizza and beer are her Kryptonite. Well, Kryptonite for her pants because it makes them totally fall down.

Just in case, Evony has brought some more new housewarming gifts to sweeten the Dark pot. It’s journals of Charles Mayo, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie and everyone else stored at the Dark archives. Tempting Lauren with beer, pizza and endless knowledge? It’s almost unfair.


Meanwhile, in the main but still less interesting plot, Ianka the opera Fae tells Bo she has a key to her memories on the train. They made a deal while Bo was still with Rainer that she would help Ianka get her freedom in exchange for finding her and delivering the message one she was back. She starts to sing, and Bo’s memories start to flood back in pieces.

But then a would-be-bomber, who happens to be in a warring clan with Ianka’s captor, stops the show. He also turns out to be her secret lover, but the star-crossed kind where it never works out because he’s more interested in making war than love. So give back that World’s Best Boyfriend mug immediately.


Luckily, another sonic avenger is there to save the day and Hale sirens the bad boyfriend enough for the songbird to take over. Ianka sings the death note, which kills him, her and Hale’s high-pitch frequencies. But before she dies she gives Bo a magic iPod with the key to her memories. Once she opens it she has a flashback of her sinister glowy hand mark. Great, that’s super helpful. You could tell I was being sarcastic there, right?


Lauren and the Morrigan have become unlikely drinking buddies. And they even make it to the sloppy “I love you man!”-phase. Evony offers her the keys to the Dark Science and Research Facility, no strings attached. Of course, this is Lauren and not some dum-dum who only went to a state school (p.s. I went to a state school). So she tells takes the key but tells Evony she’ll never trust her.

But you don’t have to trust someone to kiss them. I’m not going to lie, I full on screamed at my television. Whhhhhaaaaat? Lost Girl: The Crackship Season sails on. I’m also not going to lie, I didn’t hate it. I mean, I’m not in favor of it and am fairly certain it’s a terrible idea. But, hey, I’m also only human.


Luckily, Lauren reassures us that she hasn’t lost half her brain and the kiss was all part of some grand scheme. And it is a grand scheme involving Evony’s DNA material. Oh, doctor, you never disappoint.

Speaking of disappointing, DyBo is happening again. So for once I’m happy for the Una Mens because they arrive to break up the comingling. They say the codex of laws has been broken…by Dyson. Team Anyone But Wolf wish fulfillment: Accomplished.






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